New September 2005


In Volume 21

The King’s Indian is one of the biggest openings in modern chess theory. Roman will give you the best lines for Black to play against all of White’s responses. This will get you reasonable positions and a clear plan to follow. Roman will teach you how to play one of the most aggressive openings for Black.

GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili

Total running time over 2 hours

Includes FREE

Roman Lab DVD Vol 21 - $65

In Volume 22

Scotch Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4) and Giuoco Piano (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5). The Scotch & Giuoco openings give White an aggressive tactical repertoire. Roman has revived old lines giving them new ideas. These openings are hard to meet at even the highest level; so sit back and let Roman show you how to get great results with these rarely used openings.

GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili

Total running time over 2 hours

Includes FREE

Roman Lab DVD Vol 22 - $65

In Volume 23

Grand Prix Attack (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4) – Roman’s Favorite Opening to meet the Sicilian Defense. Roman will show you a clear plan which will give you a comfortable position, however, if your opponent makes a tactical or positional mistake, he will get crushed or wind up with at least a bad position. Roman has had great success with this opening and is passing his own ideas and concepts on to you. This will increase your wins against the Sicilian.

Reti Opening White plays 1.Nf3 – Roman will give you easy to learn ideas and concepts on this positional opening. If you play the English, the Reti is a must because of the likelihood of transferring into it. So, if you don’t want to remember a lot of theory, and like ambitious hidden attacks, the Reti is for you.

GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili

Total running time over 2 hours

Includes FREE

Roman Lab DVD Vol 23 - $65

In Volume 24

Scandinavian Defense Nf6, Intro to King's Indian Attack and More!

LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS - Roman's lectures at the U.S. National Open

FIRST LECTURE - Roman covers all the non main lines in the Scandinavian Defence Nf6 not covered on his Volume 17 DVD, "Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black"!

In the second part of the lecture, Roman gives you an introduction to an opening he has been playing for 20 years, and one of Fischer's favorites ... The King's Indian Attack!!

SECOND LECTURE - Roman goes over two very entertaining and educational games from the Polgar Sisters' Triplex Simul.

Over 2 hours of instructional video

GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili

Total running time over 2 hours

Includes FREE

Roman Lab DVD Vol 24 - $65

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The Basic Principles of Chess

Susan will take you through 8 easy to follow, highly instructive games covering the basic principles of chess. This will help your understanding of chess and is guaranteed to improve your chess game. She will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes made in chess and give your chess game a strong, fundamentally sound foundation. This DVD was designed to help the novice to intermediate player; so sit back and let one of the World’s strongest players train you.

Polgar DVD Vol 1 - $65

Learn How to Create a Plan in the Opening, Middle & Endgame

Planning in chess is essential throughout the entire game. On this DVD, Susan will teach you the general ideas and concepts for short and long term planning in the opening, middle and endgame. You will come away with a better understanding and insight on all three phases of a chess game. Your moves will have more meaning and purpose, which will result in more wins. So, sit back and let Susan teach you the foundation of essential chess planning.

Polgar DVD Vol 2 - $65

Essential Chess Tactics and Combinations

As the famous saying goes “Chess is 99% tactics.” What are chess tactics? Tactics are maneuvers that take advantage of short-term opportunities, often (but not necessarily) involving combinations or sacrifices. In this DVD, Susan will introduce the most common tactical elements in chess.

Polgar DVD Vol 3 - $65

Learn How to Avoid Opening Traps and Pitfalls

It is always nice to win a game quickly. But some opening traps are based only on hopes that the opponent will make a serious mistake. If the opponents play correctly, the trap could backfire. On this DVD Susan will take you through a number of opening traps & short games. By knowing what to do and what to avoid, you can turn the tables on your opponent, giving you the win instead of becoming the falling victim to a “cheapo”.

Polgar DVD Vol 4 - $65

Bobby Fischer's Most Brilliant Games and Combinations

Susan Polgar will share with you her personal knowledge of Bobby Fischer. Susan answers some of the questions everyone wants to know like who would have won the Fischer – Karpov match in 1975; the impact Fischer had on chess; what she learned from Bobby and how he compares with today’s best. Susan will also take you through 10 highly instructive chess games and combinations. So let one World Champion take you through another World Champion’s timeless masterpieces, which will certainly enhance your chess knowledge and ability.

Polgar DVD Vol 5 - $65

DVD 1: Susan shares with you her best and highly instructional games on how a Grandmaster thinks, reasons and approaches each move. This DVD will help you to take these asy to follow ideas and principles and apply them to your own games.

DVD 2: Las Vegas International Chess Festival - The Polgar sisters Susan, Sofia and Judith along with their parents give their first public appearance in over 10 years. The Polgar sisters reunite for a historic 81-board 'Triplex Simul', where each sister will alternate moves at every board. This DVD also contains interviews, a Q and A session with the Polgar family and a bonus lecture by Susan on chess principles, tactics and combinations.

Running time: 3.5 hours

Polgar Double DVD Set Vol 6 - $89

Grandmaster Susan Polgar:

In collaboration with FM Paul Truong:

Polgar DVDs - Volumes 1 to 5 $260


Master Chess 5000 on DVD - $59.95

The 3-in-1 Ultimate Database Game Collection includes Master Chess 5000, Nalimov Table Base and Ultimate Game Collection 6. This is a MUST HAVE for tournament chess players who want to improve their game with some of the best databases ever created.

Master Chess 5000
1.3 Million Master Level Games through June of 2005. Ruffian Chess Engine rated 2671 standard chess & over 3000 at blitz chess. Easy to use database system that searches for Players, Openings, & Results. GrandMaster statistical tree, ECO codes, Analyses Games, Imports and exports PGN files.

Nalimov Table Base
Using the Master Chess 5000 Chess engine "Ruffian," this 7GB database of endgames allows you to play and analyze the perfect endgames with 5 pieces or less. This is the ultimate tool for studying endgame theory.

Ultimate Game Collection 6
One of the largest commercially available database of chess games containing 3 million games from 1485 to June 2005 in Chessbase format, (also works with Fritz.) Contains Demos of Bookup, Chess School Advance, ICC Blitzin software, Chess Mentor and CT Arts I.


New in Chess Volume 76 (2005) - $51.95

NIC Forum
Readers from all over the world join in discussions of previous surveys. Both (grand)masters and club players shed their light on new opening developments and search together for the truth. With contributions by Boris Gelfand, Erwin l'Ami, Geert van der Stricht, Edward Dearing giving a passionate answer to Sergey Tiviakov's negative comments on his Dragon book, and many others.

Sosonko's Corner
This time, Genna Sosonko has a look at 2.Qh5 and other early queen sorties in the opening. This paradoxical way of steering clear from theory has become Hikaru Nakamura's hallmark recently. Before, the young US Champion only played this in hundreds of Internet games, albeit against the best, but now he has also started to employ it in serious tournament practice. Is this the beginning of a new trend?, Sosonko wonders. As always, Viktor Kortchnoi gives a clear answer.

Book Review
Glenn Flear muses on a new phenomenon: the Chess DVD. Despite some reservations he has to admit that Garry Kasparov (suddenly called 'Mr. Kasparov', to Flear's surprise) does win him over with his inspired presentation in the end!
An ambitious repertoire book for Black by joint authors Alburt, Dzindzichashvili, Perelshteyn and Lawrence is surprisingly comprehensive, logical and cleverly laid out. Tiger Hillarp Persson has published one more 'repertoire' book, his is a very sharp one on his pet Modern Defence. A book written with the heart, as is Edward Dearing's second baby: Challenging the Grunfeld. Reading this book, Flear immediately lost himself calculating all the topical lines...
33 NIC Surveys Yearbook 76
Sicilian Defence: Dragon Variation, by Williams
Sicilian Defence: English Attack, by Olthof
Sicilian Defence: English Attack, by Greenfeld
Sicilian Defence: Sveshnikov Variation, by Rodriguez/Olthof
Sicilian Defence: Taimanov Variation, by Fogarasi
Sicilian Defence: Alapin Variation, by Tiviakov
French Defence: Advance Variation, by Sveshnikov
French Defence: Advance Variation, by Gavrilov
Scandinavian Defence: Gubnitsky/Pytel Variation, by Tzermiadianos
Alekhine's Defence: Larsen Variation, by Scherbakov
Petroff Defence: Nimzowitsch Variation, by Skatchkov
Petroff Defence: Jaenisch Variation, by Rytshagov
Ruy Lopez: Closed Line with 9.d4, by Olthof
Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Variation, by Galkin
Ruy Lopez: Open Variation, by Flear
Ruy Lopez: Dilworth Variation, by Van der Tak
Scotch Opening: Miles Variation, by Afek
King's Pawn Opening: Elephant Gambit 2...d5, by Pliester
King's Pawn Opening: Two Knights Defence, by De Zeeuw
Various Openings: Chigorin Defence 3...e5, by Karolyi
Slav Defence: Alapin Variation, by Van der Stricht
Slav Defence: Botvinnik Variation 9.ef6, by Lukacs/Hazai
Queen's Gambit Accepted: Classical Variation, by Rogozenko
Catalan Opening: Open Variation, by Marin
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Queen-Nimzo Hybrid, by Scherbakov
Queen's Indian Defence: Nimzowitsch Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
Grünfeld Indian Defence: Stockholm Variation, by l'Ami
King's Indian Defence: Classical Variation, by Matamoros
King's Indian Defence: Fianchetto Variation, by Langeweg
Benoni Defence: Modern Variation, by Greenfeld
Queen's Pawn Opening: Trompowsky Attack, by Anka
Dutch Defence: Classical Variation, by Karolyi
Réti Opening: King's Indian Attack, by Matamoros

Great chess books of the 20th Century - Dunne (McFarland USA, 2005)  $49.95

Book Description
Among the first books ever published was the 1474 translation of the Game and Playe of the Chesse. Over the next 400 years, significant chess books would appear, but the overwhelming number of titles on the subject appeared in the 20th century and continue unabated. By 2003, over 35,000 volumes on chess in a variety of languages had been published, with approximately 14,000 English language works published from 1960 onward. For the librarian, collector, or chess enthusiast, the immediate task comes in finding which of these many volumes are worthwhile. This work provides an objective and informative look at some of the best chess books published in the period 1901 through 2000—and gives numerous examples of the games, with diagrams that appear in them. Inclusion criteria were popularity, longevity, critical acclaim, influence, definitiveness, historical importance, authorship and reputation. All were published in English (or use figurine notation). Each entry includes bibliographic details followed by a description of the book, with information on the author or authors, why the book is important, and background information on the publication.

About the Author
Alex Dunne lives in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

Thinkers Press

Essential Center Counter - Martin 2005 $35.95

About two years ago, British International Master Andrew Martin’s video on the Center-Counter Defense (a/k/a the Scandinavian Defense) was released and it took the chess world by storm. His new book, The Essential Center-Counter, has just been released. He demonstrates that the Center-Counter can be aggressive and dangerous. 36 games are annotated in friendly style, guiding the reader through the essential lines and transpositions.

King's Indian Battle - Martin 2005 $52.95

This extensive volume is a K.I.D. ideas book rather than a reference full of variations. It contains over 240 annotated games featuring a variety of plans and strategies which you can employ in the King's Indian for either White or Black. Annotations are by IM Andrew Martin, one of the world's experts on the King's Indian, and he has selected those games which are peppered with interesting or new ideas.

His suggestions illustrate both sides' plans and usually, at the end of each game, there is a quick assessment of the line used. Remember that from any given position you always have a choice of strategies and Martin's aim is to show some of the rich possibilities available in the K.I.D. The best players in the business are shown to be formidable K.I.D. masters with games that include quick wins as well as strategic masterpieces. The names of Korchnoi, Kasparov, Kramnik, Fischer, Vaisser, Nunn, Topolov, Murey and many more feature strongly here.

Because this is not a reference work not every line of the K.I.D. is included but the major systems are discussed in detail proportional to their use in tournament play: 4 Pawns Attack, Saemisch, Averbakh, Fianchetto, Seirawan/Kramer, Classical and others. There is a separate chapter for each of the major systems.

Martin also includes a number of celebratory games to show you why the King's Indian Defense is so fascinating, and a chapter on "How Not to Play the King's Indian Defence", complete with disasters as a warning to the unprepared. If you like "New & Forgotten Ideas in the .." style of book you'll love this one! Andrew Martin is an English I.M. and author of several titles including Winning with the King's Indian.
Pub. 2004, softback, 380 pages. 

Your Move... I Win - Angos $36.95

Author and national master Alex Angos set fire to the endgame world when we published his masterpiece, Endgame Artillery many years ago.

In "You Move... I win!, master Alex Angos not only credits his sources but contributes some of his own positions as a player for many years. He was the Champion of Greece in the late 50s before moving to the States. His forte is material on the endgame. What I liked about his new book was how much I didn't know. In some cases I was vaguely familiar with the Chinese "feet" but had never seen such a worthwhile discussion-and yes, this book has discussions! It is not simply ONE EXAMPLE AFTER ANOTHER, which seems to put most people asleep. Even most musical bands take a break from time to time.

There ARE about 250 diagrams, but sometimes before and definitely after, the examples have lead ins, and instructive commentary. A few examples from the past have been overturned by NEW and more concise analysis.

And just in case you ARE interested, there is a nice discussion of the famous Alekhine-Nimzovich, San Remo 1930 game-full of interesting tidbits.
An added feature is a very nice "index" which Nate added, compliments of InDesign 2 and cleaned up by yours truly.

If one can make a study of a certain aspect of chess which is primarily noticed in the endgame, then we believe Angos has a success on his hands.