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These Giant garden Chess set are so much fun for outdoor, Garden, sand beach, lawn, playground etc.
Used good PE material, Good design and standard garden size.
The garden chess set are
ALL WEATHER plastic resists heat, cold, and the elements, every piece is EASY to move with small knob-style tops!  weighted for optimal play convenience add extra weight if you desire by separating the base of each piece and adding sand or water replacement pieces, The best design, best quality, best price in the world.
Material: Quality PE with uv film for chess piece and nylon fabric mat Size: King tall 25'' with 9 1/2'' base  and 13" nylon fabric chess mat The standard giant garden chess set
giant chess piece (king tall 25'')
giant nylon fabric chess mat(
13" squares) (Extra)
Packing: white box
Packing: 1set/2boxes, The cubage is 0.50CBM/set.   32kg/2boxes,

Optional extra Mat $95

Silman is Back!

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How to Reassess Your Chess - 4th Edition

How to Reassess Your Chess - 4th Edition - $55.95

by Jeremy Silman (658 large pages)

"The Rolls Royce of instructive chess books more chess players have  improved by reading How to Reassess Your Chess than any other book."
John Watson, International Master and author of over 30 chess books

Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master (Paperback, 530 large pages) - $55

The Reassess Your Chess Workbook (Paperback, 423 pages) - $49.95

Complete Book of Chess Strategy: Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z (Paperback, 360 pages) - $39.95

The Amateur's Mind: Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Mastery (Paperback, 443 pages) $49.95

New Books

Aron Nimzowitsch - $89.95

On the Road to Chess Mastery, 1886-1924

Per Skjoldager and Jrn Erik Nielsen

Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6539-2

88 photos, 10 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes
468pp. library binding (7 x 10) 2012, Hardcover.

About the Book
One of the greatest chess legends of all time, Aron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935), is best known for founding the Hypermodernism school of chess, which emerged after World War I to challenge the chess ideologies of traditional central European masters. This first full-scale biography of Nimzowitsch chronicles his early life in Denmark, his family and education, and his fascination with the game that would become the focus of his life. Also included are explorations of his tournament games and records, his dispute with influential chess teacher Siegbert Tarrasch, and his role in the development of Hypermodern Chess. With detailed accounts of nearly 450 games and the only narrative of Nimzowitsch from 1914 to 1924, a period formerly cloaked in mystery, this volume offers the most thorough profile available of one of chesss greatest innovators.

About the Author
Per Skjoldager is an IT contractor, chess historian and chess book collector. He lives in Fredericia, Denmark. Former editor of Danish School Chess Magazine and Junior Chess Instructor, Jorn Erik Nielsen lives in Aabenraa, Denmark.

"great detail...wonderful written book...unique photo material...impressive bibliography...one of those must have chess books!"--John Elburg, Chessbooks.nl

"supremely well researched"--Chess Notes

"fills in a big gap in the chess literature...this book has everything you could want and more.... The authors have produced a fine tribute to one of the founding fathers of Hypermodern chess. The physical qualities of this book are of the highest standard...beautifully and sturdily bound...will sit proudly on any shelf. This is a book for all lovers of chess history. Strongly recommended!"--Chess Today

The Complete Chess Workout, 2 - $49.95

by Richard Palliser

Its time to start your chess training!

This is the eagerly awaited follow-up to The Complete Chess Workout, Richard Pallisers highly acclaimed chess puzzle book. Now he presents the reader with 1200 new puzzles, every one checked for accuracy by the latest computer engines.

All top chess players agree that to keep your tactical muscles in shape its imperative to continue training, and the easiest and most fun way to do this is by performing tactical exercises. Even solving a few puzzles for ten minutes each day can be of the utmost benefit for the aspiring player.

Just as in his first book, Palliser provides something for players of all levels: a huge number of basic tactics forks, pins, skewers and checkmates to appeal to beginners and improvers, and many brain-teasers that will tax even the strongest of players. All the important tactical themes are covered, while there are special sections on opening traps and endgames. Work your way through this book, and unleash your enhanced tactical powers on future opponents!

download paper book sample (pdf)


Richard has left no stone unturned in his desire to create an original collection of positions. There is very little overlap with other puzzle books, or even the puzzle pages of CHESS magazine (of which Richard is the editor). So readers wishing to subject themselves to this tough workout will have an abundance of fresh material to try.

Sean Marsh

Dangerous Weapons: The Ruy Lopez - $44.95

by John Emms and Tony Kosten and John Cox

Do you need to freshen up your chess openings?

Stun your opponents with new and exciting ideas!

Dangerous Weapons is a series of opening books which supply the reader with an abundance of hard-hitting ideas to revitalize his or her opening repertoire.

In this book, three opening experts team up and take a contemporary look at the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular chess openings. Instead of analysing the well-trodden main lines they concentrate on fresh or little-explored variations, selecting a wealth of dangerous options for both colours. Whether playing White or Black, a study of this book will leave you confident and fully-armed, and your opponents running for cover!

download ebook sample

download paper book sample (pdf)



Ive read various "Dangerous weapons" books by Everyman Chess and Im happy to see that the quality and development of this series has not faded! Ill recommend this book for players playing with both, black and white, who are looking for a tricky line! Especially the verbal explanations are valuable for players ranged 1300-1900 ELO!

But the biggest potential in my opinion lies in Blitz and Rapid tournaments, where some tricky, well analyzed lines can win you some time on the clock and thus yield you a decisive advantage!


Lukas Wedrychowski

Fighting Chess: Move by Move - $47.95

by Colin Crouch

What separates the best chess players from the rest? What gives them the edge over their rivals? Chess legend Vladimir Kramnik believes its their fighting skills and the ability to continuously find ways to keep a game alive. Colin Crouch agrees, and is fascinated that the worlds strongest players seem almost unbeatable, even when games appear sharp and double-edged. In this book Crouch examines the tremendous fighting qualities of todays top grandmasters. Analysing key games from 2012, Crouch demonstrates how they give nothing away to opponents but are always alert to punish any slight errors, and crucially, how we can apply these lessons to help us in our own games.

Move by Move provides an ideal platform to study chess. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to improve your chess skills and knowledge.

download paper book sample (pdf)

The French Winawer: Move by Move - $46.95

by Steve Giddins

This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.

The Winawer is a very popular choice amongst French Defence players. It enjoys a sound reputation and reaches positions rich in possibilities for both players. It offers Black the opportunity to enter sharp, dynamic lines, such as the notorious Poisoned Pawn Variation, as well as lines which are more strategic in nature. In this book, FIDE Master Steve Giddins invites you to join him in studying the French Winawer, an opening which he has played for over 25 years, and its many variations. He examines instructive games, covers the most important lines and provides answers to all the key questions.

download paper book sample (pdf)

Kramnik: Move by Move - $49.95

by Cyrus Lakdawala

Vladimir Kramnik is a giant of the chess world. He firmly secured his legendary status when he won the World Championship in 2000 by defeating the previously dominant Garry Kasparov the only player ever to do so in a match. Kramnik held on to his crown for seven years, and today he remains one of the World's elite players.

In this book, former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala invites you to join him in a study of his favourite Kramnik games. Lakdawala examines Kramnik's renowned skills in attack and defence, exploiting imbalances, dynamic elements, accumulating advantages and endgame play, and shows how we can all improve by learning from Kramnik's masterpieces.

Move by Move provides an ideal platform to study chess. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to improve your chess skills and knowledge.

download ebook sample

download paper book sample (pdf)


Lakdawala did a great job in writing a biography about one of the greatest players of our time! This book is easy to read and Cyrus charming and highly instructive writing skills will be a pleasure to every chess fan over the world! I would recommend this book to all players, from beginners to strong masters as the analysis provided is easy to grasp so that youngsters can get something out of it as well as strong players looking for well annotated (middle- or end-)games.

Lukas Wedrychowski

The Perfect Pirc-Modern - $49.95
Strategic Ideas & Powerful Weapons
by Viktor Moskalenko

Publisher: New In Chess, 2013
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-402-8
Pages: 256
Language: English

The Pirc Defence and the Modern Defence are two naturally entwined chess openings that are both flexible and rich in strategic and tactical ideas. They feature in the repertoire of great players like Kramnik, Grischuk and Ivanchuk, and are equally popular at club level.

In The Perfect Pirc-Modern, Viktor Moskalenko, a renowned propagator of dynamic play who has championed the Pirc-Modern for many years, presents and explains:

the similarities and differences between the Pirc and the Modern Defence
the ideas and plans that really matter
the various pawn structures and how to handle them
tricky transpositions: opportunities and risks
 a wealth of new resources in well-known lines (for both Black and White)
 countless novelties.

Moskalenko expertly guides you through this ground-breaking opening book with the enthusiasm, the ease and the humour that characterize his style.

Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a well-known chess coach. The former Ukrainian champion has won many tournaments in Spain, his new home country. He is the author of The Fabulous Budapest Gambit (2007), The Flexible French (2008), Revolutionize Your Chess (2009) and The Wonderful Winawer (2010).

Vassily Ivanchuk:
This book will undoubtedly help you to master not just the Pirc and Modern Defences, but also to systematize and perfect your understanding of the key points of other openings.

Kevin Spraggett:
"Written in the same unique style that Viktor has become famous for. There is something scientific about his writing style, even mathematical. Precise. Objective. Definitive."

John Watson, The Week In Chess, on 'The Flexible French':
Simply sparkles with ideas.

Viktor Kortchnoi on 'The Wonderful Winawer':
Familiarizing oneself with Moskalenkos new ideas can only have a beneficial effect on the play of any reader, from amateur to professional.

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe, on 'The Flexible French':
Moskalenko's coverage is excellently balanced (..) Easy to read and understand; even weaker players will benefit from Moskalenko's breakdown of the material.

Attacking 101 - $29.95
Volume #001
by Joel Johnson

Publisher: Lulu.com, 2012
Edition: Paperback small
ISBN: 9978-1-300-13704-7
Pages: 112
Language: English

The goal of the books in this series Attacking 101 is to provide detailed analysis of my own attack games played against lower rated players. The players are all rated in the range of 1000 to 1800 - the types of players you would frequently encounter at your local chess club, local tournaments, online, and at home.

They make the same errors you regularly witness in your games but here you get to see a Chess Master dissect and exploit the moves, show why they are wrong, and how to punish the opponents poor play.

Joel Johnson, unlike nearly all other chess masters, started playing tournament chess at the advanced age of 17. But it did not take long before success struck, in just his third chess tourney, Joel won the 1972 Merrimack Valley High Chess Championship (Lowell, MA area).

Less than six years later, Joel earned the National Master title, raising his USCF rating from 1342 to 2320, followed shortly thereafter, by earning the Life Master title. As a player, Joel is a tactical chess player that has won many chess tournaments during his roughly thirty-five years of playing chess at the Master Level.

During the summer of 2007, Joel won the 2007 U.S. Senior Chess Championship. Over the last few years, Joel has been the most active chess player in the state of Arizona, playing more than triple the number of USCF rated games, than the next most active player.

In addition to playing, Joel was an award winning Editor of "Chess Horizons", the official state chess magazine for the state of Massachusetts and is currently the Games Editor for the magazine.

During his career, Joel has been involved in all aspects of chess, from organizing and directing chess tournaments, serving as a chess magazine editor, serving as a games editor, creating chess clubs, writing chess books (including the best selling "Formation Attacks" and the recently released "Formation Attack Strategies"), winning many chess tourneys, to being a very highly sought after chess coach, possessing great communication skills and many successful students.

Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna - $49.95
Know when (and where!) to look for winning combinations
by Emmanuel Neiman

Publisher: New In Chess, 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-404-2
Pages: 240
Language: English

If only life was as straightforward as a book of chess exercises! If only someone would tap you on the shoulder every time the moment to show your tactical skills has arrived!

However, the reality is that during a game you are on your own. Nobody will whisper in your ear when you have reached a position that is, in fact, a tactical puzzle and all you have to do is solve it.

Emmanuel Neiman offers help. He has identified a number of signals that tell you that somewhere in the position you are looking at there is a tactical blow just waiting to be found. What you need is a way to read those signals. What you need, and what Neiman helps you to acquire, is a Chess Tactics Antenna.

In this trail-blazing book, Emmanuel Neiman presents the seven main signals that help you to determine the moment you must start looking for a win. He also teaches you, with lots of instructive examples, how to interpret these signals and how to find the killer move.

Emmanuel Neiman is a FIDE master who teaches chess in his home country France. He has written several highly successful books on chess tactics and chess training. With his co-author Yochanan Afek he won the 2011 Chess Cafe Book of the Year Award for "Invisible Chess Moves": Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins.

GM Karsten Mller, on 'Invisible Chess Moves' by Emmanuel Neiman and Yochanan Afek:
"Highlights the limitations of the human mind and categorises the typical sources of mistakes like missing diagonal backward queen moves. It has many beautiful examples with really amazing points, which I had not seen before. A real gem!"

A History of Chess - $29.95
From Chaturanga to the Present Day
by Yuri Averbakh

Publisher: Russell Enterprises, 2012
Edition: Paperback small
ISBN: 978-1-936490-44-8
Pages: 88
Language: English

Chess: An Historical Perspective
Chess the "Royal Game" is an ancient board game, perhaps fifteen hundred years old. There are many legends about how chess came to be. Most of them are folk tales and are far from reality.
Arguably more books have been written about chess than all the other games combined, but relatively little has been written about the history of chess. The topic is difficult; it requires thorough knowledge, and there are still many unknown historical pitfalls. It is therefore no surprise that there exist a variety of hypotheses concerning the origin of chess.
In this book, the author, legendary Russian grandmaster Yuri Averbakh, presents a well-researched and documented theory about the origins, development and spread of this immensely popular game.

In addition, over three dozen splendid color plates presented on coated stock making the images suitable for framing supplement his historical analysis.

International grandmaster Yuri Averbakh is one of the authentic legends of chess. His career includes participation in the storied 1953 Zurich Candidates Tournament, winning the USSR Championship as well as being recognized as one of the great endgame experts of all time. His contributions to chess history and culture have been equally impressive.

Foreword by Garry Kasparov.

Mastering Complex Endgames - $54.95
Practical Lessons on Critical Ideas & Plans
by Daniel Naroditsky

Publisher: New In Chess, 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-405-9
Pages: 304
Language: English

Daniel Naroditsky has done it again! Following 'Mastering Positional Chess' the American chess prodigy has written an instructional book that is at least as ambitious as his acclaimed debut. Daniel has compiled a rich collection of practical endgame examples whose assessments require more than just standard theory.

In his fresh, yet surprisingly mature style, Naroditsky presents:

 lively and entertaining lessons
crystal clear explanations of ideas and plans
 useful insights into the minds of chess masters
great practical advice throughout the book
 instructive exercises at the end of each chapter

Naroditsky draws heavily on his own experience as a player and has no problem pointing out his own mistakes. His systematic approach and didactic skills help you to understand rather than just memorize these endings.

Rarely if ever before have the ideas that decide endings been explained so clearly. This book will take your endgame technique to the next level.

Daniel Naroditsky (1995) became the World Under-12 Chess Champion in 2007. With 'Mastering Positional Chess' (2010), he was the youngest published chess author in history. At 15, he became an International Master and participated in the US Chess Championship. He earned his first grandmaster norm in July 2011.

Karsten Mller, author of 'Fundamental Chess Endings':
"An excellent book (..) Daniel Naroditsky is really a mature author for his young age!"

Praise for 'Mastering Positional Chess' by Daniel Naroditsky:

Arne Moll, ChessVibes:
It may well be one of the best books ever written on positional chess (..) Extremely well written, carefully selected examples showing the whole range of positional aspects of a particular theme.

Pete Tamburro, Chess Life Magazine:
It's a very good book - exceptionally instructive, full of practical advice that every chess player needs to pay attention to in order to get better.

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Stock DVD Author RRP Sale
2 Sicilian Kalashnikov Bojkov, Dejan $49.95 $34.95
1 Fit for the French Bologan, Viktor $57.95 $40.55
1 Know the Terrain Vol. 1: The Carlsbad  Collins, Sam $59.95 $41.95
2 The Closed Sicilian  Davies, Nigel $49.95 $34.95
2 Sam Collins 1.e4 Repertoire - $52.95 Davies, Nigel $52.95 $37.05
1 The f4 Sicilian Davies, Nigel $54.95 $38.45
SOLD OUT Nimzowitsch Larsen-Attack Davies, Nigel $46.95 $32.85
2 The Accelerated Dragon Davies, Nigel $54.95 $38.45
1 1.d4 Opening Tricks and traps Vol 2 Davies, Nigel $59.95 $41.95
SOLD OUT Attack with the Modern Italian Davies, Nigel $59.95 $41.95
3 The Scheveningen Sicilian Ftacnik, Lubomir $49.95 $34.95
2 1.d4 - A classicial Rep for white Ftacnik, Lubomir $55.95 $39.15
2 The Open Games Vol II Gustatsson, Jan $59.95 $41.95
1 A World Champions Guide to the Petroff Kashindzhanov, Rustam $59.95 $41.95
1 Albin's Counter Gambit for Experts Kashindzhanov, Rustam $59.95 $41.95
2 Anti-Moscow Gambit for Experts Kashindzhanov, Rustam $59.95 $41.95
2 Power Play 17 - Attack with 1.e4 King, Daniel $54.95 $38.45
2 Unorthodox Chess Openings Lilov, Valeri $54.95 $38.45
1 The Dutch Stonewall Lilov, Valeri $46.95 $32.85
SOLD OUT The ABC of the Modern Benoni Martin, Andrew $54.95 $38.45
1 The ABC of Alekhine Martin, Andrew $52.95 $37.05
1 The ABC of The Modern Slav Martin, Andrew $43.95 $30.75
2 OKelly Sicilian Martin, Andrew $48.95 $34.25
5 The Scandinavian - The easy way 2nd edition Martin, Andrew $49.95 $34.95
3 The Trompowsky - The easy way - 2nd Edition Martin, Andrew $54.95 $38.45
2 Bamboozle your opponents with 1.g3 Martin, Andrew $54.95 $38.45
5 The ABC of the Benko Gambit Martin, Andrew $59.95 $41.95
1 The ABC of the Caro-Kann Martin, Andrew $54.95 $38.45
SOLD OUT Enter 1.f4 Bird's Opening Martin, Andrew $54.95 $38.45
1 My Best Games in the Grnfeld  Shirov, Alexei $54.95 $38.45
SOLD OUT My Best Games in the Spanish Vol. 1 Shirov, Alexei $59.95 $41.95
SOLD OUT My Best Games in the Spanish Vol. 2 Shirov, Alexei $54.95 $38.45
SOLD OUT My Best games in the Nimzo-Indian Shirov, Alexei $54.95 $38.45
2 Sicilian Najdorf 6.Bg5 Shirov, Alexei $59.95 $41.95
2 My Best Games in the Caro-Kann Shirov, Alexei $64.95 $45.45
2 Beating the berlin Defence Shirov, Alexei $49.95 $34.95
1 The Petroff Defence Shirov, Alexei $49.95 $34.95
1 My Best Games in the Sicilian-Najdorf Shirov, Alexei $59.95 $41.95
2 My Best Games in the Sicilian Shirov, Alexei $59.95 $41.95
1 No Fear 1.d4! Vol 2 Nimzo-Indian Tiviakov, Sergi $49.95 $34.95
1 Lawrence Trent  Two Knights Defence Trent, Lawrence $52.95 $37.05
2 The Smith Morra Gambit Trent, Lawrence $55.95 $39.15
2 The Sveshnikov Variation after the Sicilian Van Wely, Loek $59.95 $41.95
SOLD OUT The Botvinnik and Moscow variation Van Wely, Loek $59.95 $41.95
SOLD OUT Modern Benoni for Advanced Players Ziegler, Ari $46.95 $32.85

How I became World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985 - $54.95

His rise to the top was meteoric and at his very first attempt he managed to become World Champion if one does not count the aborted title match of 1984 as a failure. He is the youngest World Champion of all times.
From 1985 to 2000 Kasparov kept the title for 15 years defending it against Anatoly Karpov, Nigel Short, and Viswanathan Anand, until he finally lost it to Vladimir Kramnik. But even as an ex-champion Kasparov dominated the international chess scene and was first on the FIDE ranking list until he withdrew from tournament chess in 2005. And in October 2012, when this DVD was recorded, his record rating of 2851 is still unsurpassed. Kasparov divides his career into three phases: his rise to the top (1973 to 1985), the time as FIDE-World Champion (1985 to 1993), and the time from the break-up with the World Chess Federation until his withdrawal from tournament chess (1993 to 2005). On this DVD Garry Kasparov recounts how he made it to the top in the years 1973 to 1985 and shows key games, which helped him to become the worlds best player. His model for selecting the games is Bobby Fischer and his book "My 60 Memorable Games" like Fischer, Kasparov did not only select games he had won. This DVD containing 16 chapters and running for more than six hours gives you an opportunity to follow the development of the best player in the history of chess, all told and explained by himself. You get a first hand account of crucial events from recent chess history, you can improve your chess understanding and enjoy explanations and comments from a unique and outstanding personality on and off the chess board. Video running time: 6 hours (in English)


Video 1: The "Weinstein"-era Kasparov shows early games, which he played under the name Weinstein. [45 min]

Video 2: Junior tournaments Various successes in junior tournaments, qualifying for the U-16 World Junior Championships. [30 min]

Video 3: Master tournaments First steps and success in non-junior tournaments, e.g. Daugavpils 1978. [39 min]

Video 4: Kasparovs first USSR-Championship Kasparov plays his first Soviet Championship and afterwards wins the tournament in Banja Luka as unrated player. [26 min]

Video 5: World Junior Championship and the first Chess Olympiad Winning the World Junior Championship in Dortmund 1980 and playing his first Chess Olympiad in Malta. [19 min]

Video 6: First games against Karpov Team tournament in Moscow, in which Kasparov played his first games against Karpov. [16 min]

Video 7: Tilburg 1981 Landing in the middle of the field in his first super tournament in Tilburg 1981. [15 min]

Video 8: USSR-Championship in Frunze 1981 Kasparov finishes second in the USSR-Championship in Frunze 1981. [23 min]

Video 9: Bugojno 1982 Convincing victory at the tournament in Bugojno 1982. [8 min]

Video 10: Interzonal tournament Moscow Winning the Interzonal tournament in Moscow and qualifying for the candidates matches, Chess Olympiad Lucerne. [20 min]

Video 11: Candidates quarter-final against Beliavsky Winning against Beliavsky in the candidates quarter-final in Moscow 1983. [18 min]

Video 12: Chess politics and the tournament in Niksic Kasparov reports how he was eliminated from the candidates without making a single move. [19 min]

Video 13: Candidates semi-final against Korchnoi in London After the candidates semifinal finally came to pass after all Kasparov won after a hard struggle. [13 min]

Video 14: Candidates final against Smyslov The candidates final against Smyslov was not as clear-cut as the result suggests. [11 min]

Video 15: USSR against the Rest of the World, London 1985 In the match USSR against the Rest of the World Kasparov won against Timman. [10 min]

Video 16: The aborted match against Karpov Kasparov briefly talks about the circumstances of the aborted match against Karpov, Moscow 1985, and shows key games. [31 min]

System requirements

Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard

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