What's New February 2012

Our new shipment of Novag Chess Computers has arrived in February 2012.

(Note:- New chess computers received in February 2012 - No discount)

Novag Citrine - $549 (adapter included)

Novag 2 Robot (adapter included) - $395

The 2Robot represents a new generation of chess computers! Equipped with a robotic arm and an enhanced high-speed program it can teach you to play chess as well as improve your chess skills. Unlike other chess computers the 2Robot will pick up and move its chess piece with the robotic arm and thus eliminating the necessity for the human player to make the computer's move. Play against the 2Robot.

* Rating: USCF 2100
* 1.75" King Height with 1.125" Squares
* Ideal for novice to experienced players
* Equipped with a robotic arm - watch the 2Robot make its countermove.
* 128 levels including training, tournament and problem solving levels up to mate-in-6 moves.
* Programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, knows en-passant moves, castlings and pawn promotion.
* A multitude of special features can be chosen and displayed via the LCD if desired.
* Check, Stalemate and Mate announcement.
* TAKE BACK function for easy correction of weak or wrong moves (25 half moves).
* Powered by AC adaptor (included)

Obsidian - $275

Carnelian II - $175

Star Aquamarine - $115

Star Opal - $99

Adapter optional extra $25

Set of batteries optional extra $6