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(updated 27th August 2012)

New Books

My Search for Chess Perfection - $55.95

by C. J. S. Purdy, with John Hammond & Robert Jamieson, 418pp. (Thinkers' Press, 2010)

My Search For Chess Perfection; a remarkable treatise on everything about your becoming a stronger, more effective chess player, authored by one of the best chess writers ever- C.J.S. Purdy.

The lasting mark this Australian left with chess players, through articles like the ones in this book, contain some of the most thoughtful, useful, and entertaining examples ever to come from a chess master's "pen" for intermediate-level players. He also had no problem in disagreeing with established "authorities".

CJS Purdy spent much of his life "searching for perfection"' concerning his favorite game. In 1953 he attained a form of that perfection when he became the world's first correspondence chess champion. Besides being a profound thinker he was also an excellent teacher. Purdy died in 1979 though his teachings have succeeded in outliving him.


Acknowledgements ...4
Foreword ...5
Biographical Details ...9
Tournament and Match Record ...10
The Publisher's Comments ...12
1 C.J.S. Purdy - His Life ...13
2 C.J.S. Purdy - His Writings ...43
3 C.J.S. Purdy - His Games ...313

Purdy's Games ...314
The 'Search' Index ...393
Index of Openings ...414
Index of Articles ...415
Colophon ...416
The Purdy Library of Chess ...417

Bobby Fischer:
"The greatest chess teacher of all time belongs on every chess bookshelf"

Rainer Schnelle:
"This is for me the first book on chess I have encountered that really puts first things first and explains a systematic method for thinking about any chess position. Even though the author makes very interesting remarks about strategical points he never forgets to remind you about the tactical problems on the board and a systematic way of taking care of these. For me definitely the most helpful book on chess that I've ever read."

Frederic Woodbridge:
"If this book were Juliet, I'd be it's Romeo. There aren't enough superlatives I could lavish on Purdy's writing. There were so many "AHA!" moments when reading that my wife thought I was having an epileptic fit! Purdy's prose is superior yet completely comprehensible. The reader immediately sees his point. Beg, borrow or steal this book, it IS that good.

Paul Kane, The Compulsive Reader:
Purdy was a prolific writer, and his writing was of such a consistently high qualify; tihat the selection of instructional articles for inclusion in,the book must have presented quite a problem. At any rate, we get a generous sampling of the good man's Wares. These articles are at the book's heart and cover a wide range of topics: the endgame, planning and positional play, the center, the use of pawn sacrifices for the initiative, piece-play, advice on how to reduce oversights and avoid traps, and much else besides."

An Amazon Reader:
"CJS Purdy is a chess student's best friend! He is a teacher who understands his students, and brings them along, gently, yet with some push, to a greater understanding of the game. This book should be in every player's library. Thinker's Press is to be commended for their reprints of Purdy's works (just about anything Thinker's Press puts out is worth purchasing!), and I hope that more of this great writer's material will be gathered, updated, and set in AN (with lots of diagrams!) for Purdy fans everywhere!"

C.J.S. Purdy's Inside Look at Some of Chess Greatest Games, Vol. 1 - $55.95

by CJS Purdy, 332pp. (Thinkers' Press 2012)
Two books rolled into one: Vols. 1 and 2 of Purdys Fine Art of Annotation are now one book (minues the articles which will appear in Greatest Games, volume 3). 220 annotated games from world championships, master international play, and master-level games from Purdy's home turf of Australia and New Zealand. Just the games, annotated by one of the most understandable chess teachers of all time!
There is a ten page section at the front on annotation, culled from articles Purdy wrote to explain why he did it the way he did it and what annotators should pursue. And then he commented with words and variations in the way only he could do, which has taught tens of thousands better chess.

The Chess Gospel According to John - C J S Purdy - $38.95

197 pages, paperback

As modern day Chess Handbooks go, this must be up there with the best ever. Borrowed from Purdys Guide to Good Chess and three sections of the Search for Chess Perfection II (included are: "How to advance in Chess," "A System to Reduce Errors," and "A Method of Thinking in Chess") it contains the best tools to start and to advance.

Many students and teachers of the game consider CJS Purdy to be the greatest explainer of whats important in chess who ever lived. Heres some of his wisdom:

C.J.S Purdy, an Australian, was the epitome of the fighter, In bad positions he was the master of finding the best chance. Among Purdy's attributes were iron nerves and a renowned ability to concentrate. In 1953 he became the 1st World Correspondence Chess Champion. As a chess teacher he has no equal.


Bob Long (Author), Karsten Mueller (Foreword)

Paperback, 294 pages

Not all good chess players are good at business. It's just as true that there are people good at business who are poor at chess. Can Improvements be brought to both?

After 35 years running four of his own business start ups, and 40 years of playing chess, Bob Long explains how these two seemingly disparate activities can complement each other.

To be successful at both requires such disciplines as patience, awareness, and perseverance; the "assassin" knows when to zoom and finish "it" off. That's where the five T's come in handy: Tips, Tools, Themes, Timing, and Tales - Chess Assassin Business Manual has some helpful moves.

Abbazia 1912 King's Gambit Accepted - $22.95

Robert B Long (Author)

Based on the known games of those who played in this chess gambit tournament in what is now known as Croatia. The winner was Rudolph Spielmann who criticized the opening he played which won him 1000 crowns!

This tournament of strong players was a one-of-a-kind in the early 20th century: Kings Gambit Accepteds.

Won by super player and super complainer Rudolph Spielmann the Austrian Kings Gambit player par excellence.

Many annotated games. 90

The Chess Gangs of New York and London

1. Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter. Way ahead of his time! - $14.95

2. Blackburne the Black Death in Spades. The most prolific simul player (and winner) ever!  - $14.95

3. Alekhine the Executioner. Ruthless crusher of anyone!  - $14.95

4. Pillsbury the Fencer. Genius at blindfold chess! Alekhine learned from Pillsbury  - $14.95

5. Capablanca the Mouthpiece. Chess was too easy for him!  - $14.95

6. Petrosian the Punisher. His artistry was defense to the max! Hardest guy in the world to beat.  - $17.95

7. Larsen the Hammer. An unusual openings wizard! Answers to your openings questions.  - $14.95

8. Horowitz the Interrogator. Promoter like P.T. Barnum! Also publisher, author and one heckuva player and raconteur.  - $14.95

9. Bronstein the Mechanic. Genius, fantasy, and brilliance unleashed.  - $14.95

Chess Gangs - All 9 books less 25%.


By Eric Schiller

This great beginning book shows players how to confidently start out a chess game with solid near-foolproof openings. Easy-to-read and targeted to novice and new chess players, the oversized format is filled with large diagrams, clear explanations, and ideas and concepts that are easy for new players. Even better, no knowledge of chess notation is required, nor does the reader need to memorize variations. Everything learned becomes common sense and the game becomes fun. Schiller, an ardent teacher of children and beginning players, shows the top ten most important chess openings and teaches readers the importance of focusing on the four clear goals of the opening. This book makes us want to learn chess all over again! 160 pages


By Bruce Alberston

Great for beginners who want to improve their game and intermediate players who love challenges, this powerful collection of opening traps will immediately improve your play and have your opponents fearing you. You'll learn how to spot the everyday opening mistakes made by opponents and how to take advantage of these mistakes by setting opening traps. Covering both fundamental and tricky opening traps, this book features 217 opening traps and more than 500 diagrams that span 40 openings.


By Roz Katz

Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzesand what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way for novice players to improve their chess game today. Play Better Chess Today is perfect for players who have learned the basics and are ready to take their game to the next level and start winning games. This skill-building manual has over 100 oversized diagrams that show how to exploit the strengths of each piece, and defend against its weaknesses. There are winning strategies for closed games (marked by tight pawn structures), open games (marked by free-flowing piece movement), opening strategies, endgame plays, and tactical moves that capture winning pieces and lead to checkmate.


By Judee Shipman

This entertaining guide for beginners of all ages is like a human chess coach. It clearly explains the basic rules and moves, opening strategies, middle game and endgame, plus the basic tactics and combinations to give you the winning edge. As you glide through the text, Judee helps you along with review questions, practice puzzles, and instructive games, and shows you the ten most common beginners mistakes. 176 pages


By Roz Katz

Take large diagrams, straight forward instruction and helpful tips and quizzesand what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each pieces characteristicshow they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents. Players also learn the basic concepts of attacking and defending, and the mates and attacks that should be in every beginners arsenal. In just one reading, readers will learn the possibilities that they previously didnt know existed to open up the exciting world of chess!


By Bruce Alberston

Chess openings are the most important part of every novices journeyand the most fun. The most common and important openings are presented in an easy-to-use format with large, frequent diagrams showing every position along with clear explanations of the goals, objectives, and concepts behind the moves. No other book so perfectly presents the openings in a manner so easy to learnand use. 176 pages.

200 CAPTURE MATES - $20.95

By Bruce Alberston , Fred Wilson

Veteran chess teachers and authors, Wilson and Alberston, who specialize in teaching chess to beginners and children, present 200 fascinating puzzles that are both instructional and fun. Large diagrams and clearly explained solutions will thrill players as they work their way through the concepts while they have fun with chess. This book is perfect for beginners and kids! The authors should know they have used these puzzles in their lessons for years.


By Bruce Alberston , Fred Wilson

A carefully selected entertaining and instructive collection of tactical chess puzzles. The authorsboth veteran professional chess instructorshave collected or created 303 additional game situations, to go with the original 303 typical situations featured in the original 303 Tricky Chess Puzzles. Finding the right answer will bring about a forced checkmate or a winning material superiority. Divided into three chapters, each filled with 101 large, clear diagrams, this book runs the gamut of necessary tactical knowledge. 303 More Tricky Chess Puzzles, like its prequel, is a perfect workbook for adultsor childrenwho want to sharpen their budding chess expertise. 192 pages


By Eric Schiller

This book is designed to immediately improve your game. Eric Schiller, a legendary teacher of bright young stars and champions, shows youin seven lessons that cover every aspect of the gamehow to rethink the moves you make and become a winning player. The book includes more than 55 key game situations, and is packed with diagrams and insightful callouts so that every page brings you one step closer to being a master! Chess is a game of mistakes; if you can cut down on them, your game will get much stronger. This unique approach shows the mistakes Schiller has made in his own games at each stage of chess developmentfrom early scholastic challenges to professional encounters with grandmastersto illustrate the types of errors typically made in real games. In each case, youll learn how such errors could have been avoided. Youll also see how professional players fall prey to the same problems as amateurs! Featuring instructive lessons in the opening, basic tactics, basic strategy, middlegame, endgame and lesssons learned. Paperback 192 pages


By Larry Evans

The most controversial chess book ever written exposes the intrigues, scandals, conspiracies, dirty dealings and fascinating tidbits, not just with famous players and corrupt chess federations, but also killers, bloodthirsty tyrants, 12-year-old grandmasters and even legendary movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Humphrey Bogart. Chess giants include Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and Vladimir Kramnik, and of course, the enigmatic legend, Bobby Fischer, whose outrageous antics are revealed here. After reading this book and learning what really goes on, youll never look at chess the same way again!


By Eric Schiller

The Sicilian Dragon is one of the most exciting and powerful openings in all chessthe Sicilian Dragon! Used by amateurs and champions a like, the dragon features brilliant combinations, no-holds barred assaults, wild sacrifices, and uncompromising positions. This new edition features bigger diagrams, the latest moves and developments and 30 new game examples.



Masters of the Chessboard 21st Century - $43.95
21st Century Edition!
by Richard Rti

A Fresh Look at Chess - $36.95
40 Instructive games, played and annotated by players like you
by Lev Alburt

The Stress of Chess (and its infinite finesse) - $59.95
My Life, Career and 101 Best Games
by Walter Browne

Move First, Think Later - $48.95
Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess
by Willy Hendriks


New Magazines

CHESS Magazine - August 2012 $12.95

New in Chess Magazine 2012 No.5 - $18.95

Break the Rules!: A Modern Look at Chess Strategy (2012) - $39.95

by Neil McDonald


(John Watson, 2012)
272 pages (248 mm by 172 mm).

Back in Stock

The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal - $49.95

(2011 Reprint, 496 pages)

by Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal, the 'magician from Riga,' was the greatest attacking World Champion of them all, and this enchanting autobiography chronicles his extraordinary career with charm and humor. Dazzling games are interspersed throughout with anecdotes and witty self-interviews, and in typically objective fashion he related both the downs and ups of his encounters. An inveterate smoker and drinker, Tal's life on the circuit was punctuated by bouts in the hospital with kidney problems, but nothing could dull his love for chess and his sheer genius on the chessboard. His illustrious tournament record, up to his death in 1992, is included here in full, along with 100 complete games and nearly as many positions. Tal's annotations in this book are a world apart from ordinary games collections. No reader could fail to be swept along by his passion and vitality as he sets the scene for an encounter and then recounts every psychological twist and turn.

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part 1: Revolution in the 70s - $62.95

(hardcover, 2012 reprint of 2007 book, 416 large pages)

by Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part 2: Kasparov vs Karpov 1975-1985 - $62.95

(hardcover, 2008, 424 large pages)

by Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part 3: Kasparov vs Karpov 1986-1987 - $62.95

(hardcover, 2009, 432 large pages)

by Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part 4: Kasparov vs Karpov 1988-2009 - $62.95

(hardcover, 2010, 432 large pages)

by Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, 4 Volume Set = $195

(4 large hard cover books, total 1704 pages all by Garry Kasparov)

336 large pages (248 mm by 172 mm). $49.95

320 large pages (248 mm by 172 mm). $49.95

352 large pages (248 mm by 172 mm). $49.95

320 large pages (248 mm by 172 mm). $49.95

Mastering Chess openings 4 Volume Set = $149.95

(a total of 1328 pages)