Chess Informant Software Specials Xmas 2011

The regular price of each Chess Informant software is $52.95.

We have reduced the price of each volume 80 to 103 by 80%

Now $10.50 each

Any 10 volumes less massive 90% Was $529.50 Now $52.95!

Every volume of Chess Informant offers a selection of the best games played by the world's greatest chess players. Over 90% of the games are annotated by the players who played them. The classification code system facilitates the search by openings and variations, and the system of annotation signs and symbols is perfectly understandable to everyone. There are also the most interesting endings, combinations, studies, the ten best games and the ten most important theoretical novelties from the previous volume, tournament crosstables and thorough indexes of players and annotators.

Informant Was Less 80% Now
Chess Informant  80 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  81 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  82 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  83 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  84 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  85 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  86 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  87 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  88 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  89 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  90 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  91 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  92 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  93 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  94 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  95 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  96 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  97 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  98 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  99 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  100 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  101 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  102 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50
Chess Informant  103 $52.95 $42.36 $10.50

Every CD contains the lite version of Chess Informant Reader (more details see below)

Chess Informant (ahovski Informator) is a publishing company that periodically produces a book of the same name, as well as the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings, Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings, Opening Monographs, other print publications, and software (including electronic editions of most print publications).

Aleksandar Matanović and Milivoje Molerović founded the company in 1966 for the purpose of offering the rest of the world the sort of access to chess information enjoyed by Soviet players. The company has sold three million books in 150 countries.

Chess Informant published two issues per year 1966-1990, and since 1991 has published three issues per year.Each issue offers several hundred games or fragments of games from master play, many annotated by the players themselves. A board of leading players selects the best games of each issue, and these are republished in the next issue often with more extensive annotations. Each issue since Chess Informant No.5 has included a combinations section with problems from recent play. A similar endings section has also become a standard feature.

Previously, the main games were presented in full, showing all the moves played. More recently, many of the main games are in fact game fragments, where the coverage ends around move 20 to 30. Reviewing the Informant for The Chess Cafe, Carsten Hansen viewed this as an improvement, since the sudden death time controls often lead to hasty play at the end of game due to time pressure.

For two decades prior to the emergence of computer databases, Chess Informant publications were a leading source of games and analysis for serious chess players.The publication routinely appears in the bibliography of texts on specific chess openingsand other chess texts.

The Chess Informant system of codes for the classification of chess openings, and its system of symbols have set the international standardfor organizing chess information and communicating this information across language barriers. The system of codes is explained in ten languages on the front of each issue of Informant, the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings, and other publications.

Former world champion Garry Kasparov asserted "We are all Children of the Informant,"and then explained that his own development as a chess player corresponded with the ascendance of Chess Informant's popularity. Other world champions, including Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Kramnik, and Vishwanathan Anand, attest that Informant is central to their tournament preparation.

Chess Informant Reader

Product Description

Professional chess database software

Chess Informant Expert 6.6 is a software tool fully compatible with all the previous versions of Chess Informant Reader and all Chess Informant electronic edition (EE) with significantly improved graphical user interface. It has been specially designed to display Chess Informant games and trademark sections, as well as to simultaneously handle PGN and CIR database files (searchable and sortable by multiple criteria).
Lite versionof the program supports PGN file viewing and editing (free, Download section), whereas the full version supports the PGN file import/export as well (only for Informant's 1-100!), plus many other additional features:

New features in Expert 6.6:


* Note that even EE is downloadable content, our registration process is quite restrictive in term of security. Means that you would first receive file that will register your computer for using a program. After you get back to us with that file, you would receive download link. Whole process is pretty much manual and it could take two or three working days.

EE editions are working in Windows XP, Vista and Seven, but your computer knowledge have to be at advanced level.