(4 needed for large outdoor garden set, 4 for $110)

Your giant Chess and giant Draughts, of either size, need Giant Bags to protect them while stored. Protect your investment for the long term and keep them looking great for years to come. We have sourced special bags for the job! They are tough and attractive canvas bags, made oversized so they easily fit a Giant Chess set and can be carried and stored simply.

Four bags are required per 25'' Giant Chess piece
One bag
per Giant Draughts set.
One bag will fit a Mini Giant Chess + Mini Draughts set + Mini Giant Lock-Together Board or Nylon Rollup Mat!
Each bag then can be easily managed by 1 person, stacked and transported with ease.

Material: canvas with Adjustable shoulder strap and handle
Size: 110x50x50cm   4pcs giant bag hold one set 25'' giant chess piece.

Colour blue.