King tall 8 giant garden chess set:
Include 8'' giant chess piece and 36''X36'' pvc vinyl chess board in color box.
Really nice surface of 8 garden chess set.
The best design,best quality of 8 garden chess set in the world.
This Giant garden Chess Set is ideal for children and is the smallest of our giant chess sets. This giant chess set contains plastic pieces measuring 4 to 8 inches tall and a 3-foot square chess board. Great for ages 8 and up.
Material: Plastic ABS chess piece and PVC vinyl chess board
Design: Standard chess design, The best design of 8 chess piece in the world
Size of chess piece: king height 8.25, Queen height 7.25, Rook height 4.5
                            Bishop height 6, Knight height 6, Pawn height 4.5
Size of chess board: 36X36