Giant Garden Chess Set - $695

Mat Nylon Fabric 13 x 13 inch each square - $85

These Giant Chess Pieces are so much fun for outdoor, Garden, sand beach,l awn, playground etc.

It's a great lawn chess set, garden chess set, or simply an outdoor chess set for any imaginable occasion, the only giant outdoor chess set that chess players have come to admire worldwide. ALL WEATHER plastic resists heat, cold, and the elements, every piece is EASY to move with small knob-style tops! standard and proportional Staunton chess set designed to be most familiar and recognizable by chess players. Weighted for optimal play convenience add extra weight if you desire by separating the base of each piece and adding sand or water replacement pieces can be purchased if you ever lose a piece!  Includes 32 Giant Chess Pieces with Black and White for high visibility

All Pieces base size: 9.5" diameter
King:  25" tall; 1.39kg             Queen:  22" tall; 1.36kg             Knight:  18" tall; 1.12kg
Bishop:  21.5" tall; 1.13kg        Rook:  17" tall; 0.94kg               Pawn:  16.5" tall; 0.83kg