The Dogs of War: Practical Play in the Colle System - Hatch $31.95

The Dogs of War – Practical Play in the Colle System, is a collection of chess games from club, tournament and correspondence chess players featuring the Colle System, a dynamic and popular chess opening system for White. The players range in chess playing ability from Class E to Grandmaster, and the majority of the chess games in this book are not likely to be found anywhere else. The Dogs of War is not a treatise on opening theory nor is it a how-to-play-the-opening book. Rather, it is a collection of practical, over-the-board chess games played by proponents and opponents of the Colle System possessing varying degrees of skill and experience. Critics of the Colle System have stated that because it is such a simple and straightforward opening system that White can avoid having to learn volumes of opening theory, and that the opening moves are not aggressive enough to challenge the player of the Black pieces. This book champions the Colle System by telling its story in a way that is more persuasive than its critics’ attack on it. The games compiled for this book are lively and instructive examples of how the Colle System has been interpreted and improved since the time of its inception. It demonstrates by example and analysis how the opening is being played from a practical perspective and it is a testimonial to the System’s staying power at all levels of play.