Chess on the Ledge - The Unreal Chess of Andy Rea by Andy Rea - $47.95

Publisher: Thinkers' Press, 2009
Edition: Paperback medium
Pages: 234
Language: English

Enter Andy's world where games are won with imagination, fortitude, and an unusual way of seeing "unreal" possibilities.

GM Alexander Shabalov, in the preface:
"When I first heard about Andy's concept, I imagined a bunch of ideally played boring "masterpieces", specially created for educational purposes. What a relief it was to discover this amazingly entertaining collection, with games ranging from a 14 move miniature to extremely complicated endgames with the most unusual material imbalances imaginable on a chessboard.

People often complain that the language Dvoretsky and other chess intellectuals use is far beyond an average player's understanding, but Andy's descriptions will be clear to all readers.

Mistake free games are rare on this level and therefore most of the readers will find themselves in familiar situations time and again. Andy's "pictures from the exhibition" is an amazing "teaching without teaching" concept."

All the "usual suspects" are here: the overloaded square, the two Bishops, the marauding Rook, the wing breakthroughs, yet you will see them in a light balanced on the ledge - incredible games.

Having spent several years in Kuwait, Andy now lives in the Washington, D.C. area after many years of chess promotion as well as playing.