Horse Laffs - Humor in Chess by Ralph J. Tykodi - $36.95

Publisher: Thinkers' Press, 2007
Edition: Paperback medium
Pages: 168
Language: English

Purdy compiler and researcher Prof. Ralph J. Tykodi, after a number of years, has put together 168 pages of material on chess humor from the olden days to Spassky's interview about Viktor Korchnoi (and the one talent Korchnoi lacks in becoming world chess champion).

You'll read some of Ralph's own pieces about chess clubs and the whackiness of chess players.... the person with sticky fingers (oh, those poor chessmen!)... and recommendations to find on your own such as Woody Allen's "The Vardebedian Papers--which almost sent me into hysteria.

Ralph knew C.J.S. Purdy was a humorist (and includes some of his bits) and thought chess could use some friendly help. While most are not drop dead laughers, you will smile or chuckle at quite a few. Read what the "old guys" wrote... there were bizarros way back when... the kibitzer!!

More? How about Tal's interview with M. Lazarevic? It would be like interviewing Groucho Marx.

How about one of the most death defying chess openings ever? "The Fishing Pole" by NM Brian Wall. It meets Kung Fu movies in a faster than your eye can see it finish!

If you had ever been around GM Eduard Gufeld he had a million of 'em as Jimmy Durante would have said. Some are corny, some are funny. Over 90 little comical tidbits with a chess perspective.

A limited edition by author Ralph Tykodi published by Thinkers' Press, inc.