Deep Rybka 3 UCI & Chess Openings 2009 - $185

Deep Rybka 3 UCI & Chess Openings 2009 is an excellent tool for studying the openings, building your personal opening repertoire and practicing the openings against a chess engine or on the ChessOK Playing Zone.

Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2009 containing 3,600,000 games, 8,000 annotations from GM Kalinin, and 500,000 expert evaluations of key opening positions. Includes Rybka 3 for analyzing and playing.

BONUS: Aquarium Basic Included!

Extensive Opening Databases
With Rybka 3 UCI & Chess Openings 2009 you have all the data needed to support your opening studies right at your fingertips:

Opening Tables Opening tables are a powerful tool, which complements the move tree and present the theory in a familiar format. As the opening tables are dynamically generated, you can create a table for any position. You can add your own moves, variations and annotations to opening tables.

Opening Classifiers: Overview of Openings and Variations Classifiers allow you to view the variations covered by Chess Openings 2009 through a Windows Explorer style interface. If you want to study a particular variation, just double click on its folder in the classifier.

Tree Display Deep Rybka 3 UCI & Chess Openings 2009 also uses position databases, which has several advantages over traditional game databases. A tree representation gives you an overview of the current positions, which moves have been played or analyzed in the position and performance statistics. The tree catches all transpositions.


Language versions: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

System requirements: PC, 128 MB RAM, 1GB of free disk space, Windows 2000/XP/Vista.