Fresh Analysis in the Pirc, Modern and other Systems with Bg7 - $69.95
by Bogdan Lalic, Vladimir Okhotnik

A follow-up to the very successfull first part, this volume covers some lesser known lines vs the Pirc and the Modern, as well as other black systems with a bishop going to g7.

The focus is on variations (and there is an enormous amount of them) rather than explanations, making it a study- and reference book especially for stronger players. But not only. This is what one of the authors himself writes in the introduction: "Aspiring players, roll up your sleeves and plunge into the water, even if you don't understand a thing! Relaxing and moving with the river of analysis is like listening to the music of an exotic Indian raga." 

From the same introduction:
"Carpathian Warrior Criteria and Rationale:
1. The topic must be unusual or new, perhaps radically overturning previous theory.
2. The topic chosen must occur early in the game, preferably, in the first 5-10 moves. We strive for new ideas, early in the opening.
3. Four to five articles per book, in depth, for both sides. Each tome building upon the previous one.
4. The selected topic must be truly useful with enough analytical development to meet your "real world" needs.
5. The topic must be beautiful and have a catchy handle or name.
We believe that this book meets or exceeds all of the above criteria."

Golden Spike - Anti-Modern: 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 and 4.g4
The Modern - The Krazy Kat Variation: 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Na3
Spike Anti-Pirc System: 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Be2 Bg7 5.g4
The Chaos Counter Attack: 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5 4.d5 Bxc3+ 5.bxc3 f5 (165 pages!)
The Accelerated Chaos Attack: 1.d4 c5 2.d5 f5
The Hungarian Variation: 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.e4 d6 4.Nc3 f5
The Provocation Variation: 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nf3 c5 4.d5 Qa5+
The Anti-Maroczy Variation: 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.e4 c5 4.Nf3 Qb6
The Anti-Chaos Variation: 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5 4.e3 Nf6 5.Nf3