ChessBase Opening Encyclopaedia 2008 - $195
The ChessBase Opening Encyclopaedia 2008 features the complete coverage of all opening sectors, offering an optimal start for opening training. Many well-known specialists have made contributions in their field of expertise, such as Anand, Dautov, Dr Huebner, Jussupow, Kortschnoj, Krasenkow, Marin, Nunn, Ribli and Rogozenko. For each of 500 opening sectors according to ECO standard there is at least one opening survey, so that the database is the ideal tool for building up a complete opening repertoire. The game database includes 3 million games, about 78.000 of them with annotations. Furthermore, the CD contains a separate directory with 346 (64 are new) special theory databases from the CBMs.

System requirements: Pentium Prozessor 300 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, DVD-ROM drive, mouse, sound card