Vishy's Victory: The Undisputed 2007 World Champs. - Giddins, Keene and Simpole - $59.95

After 13 years of strife and divided world titles, the match between Kramnik and Topalov in 2006 finally brought the great chess schism to a close. The agreed next step in the world championship reunification process was a match-tournament, to give other leading contenders a chance, before the title reverts to a match format in 2008. Julian Simpole was our man on the spot, while notes and back-up to this thrilling event have been provided by experienced chess author Steve Giddins. Finally, Ray Keene has added the Grandmaster touch.

Castles with Knights and Bishops - Dr Alex Agnos - $59.95

Running to almost 400 pages this is certainly the definitive work on these piece groupings (endgames with only rooks and minor-pieces).

Angos uses some lovely examples to illustrate his point and unlike other authors of endgame books does not leave the reader left scratching his head with the all-too-familiar ...and white has a won game.

Bob Wade: Tribute to a Chess Master - compiled and edited by Ray Cannon - $59.95

Bob Wade OBE is the doyen of British chess. Arriving from New Zealand, Wade swiftly made his mark on British chess, shining against the home grown contingent both by virtue of the sharp attacks and astute endgame skills.

Wade went on to earn the FIDE International Master title, the Commonwealth Grandmaster title, compete in the World Championship Interzonal, twice win the British Championships, take first prize in numerous touraments and inflict defeat on such luminaries of the game as Korchnoi, Olafsson, Benko, Portisch, Uhlmann, Penrose, Speelman and Ray Keene.