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Yearbook 82 - $53.95

by The NIC Editorial team

Publisher: New In Chess, 2007
Edition: Paperback large
ISBN-13: 978-90-5691-191-1
Pages: 248
Language: English


New In Chess contains the latest news in chess openings. Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess theory.
Not only the latest fashions are covered, the offers fresh insights in underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons as well.
The has grown into an indispensable tool for all chess players for masters and club players alike. If you dont want to miss the latest news in your own favourite lines, if you are looking for inspiration, then the is vital for you, too. It refreshes your opening repertoire, four times a year!

31 Surveys
Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 7...Qb6 - Olthof
Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 - Vladimirov
Sicilian Defence - Velimirovic Attack 6.Bc4 e6 7.Be3 - Van der Tak
Sicilian Defence - Rossolimo Variation 3.Bb5 - Van der Wiel
Sicilian Defence - Lowenthal Variation 4...e5 - Palliser
Sicilian Defence - Sveshnikov Variation 11.Bd3 - Van der Weide
Sicilian Defence - Alapin Variation 2...d5 - Anka
French Defence - Winawer Variation 7...0-0 - I. Almasi
Caro-Kann Defence - Panov Attack 6/7.c5 - Gavrilov
Scandinavian Defence - Main Line 3...Qd6 - Tzermiadianos
Scandinavian Defence - Main Line 5.Bd2 - Pri
Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defence 7...Nf5 - Z. Almasi
Ruy Lopez - Exchange Variation 5...Be7 - Grivas
Ruy Lopez - Breyer Variation 9...Nb8 - Olthof
Ruy Lopez - Open Variation 5...Ne4 - Morgado/Alvarez
Kings Gambit - Early Deviations 2...Bc5 - De Zeeuw
Various Openings - Budapest Gambit 3...Ng4 - Moskalenko
Queens Gambit Declined - Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4 - Langeweg
Slav Defence - Alapin Variation 5.a4 Bf5 - Ikonnikov
Slav Defence - Anti-Moscow Gambit 6...h6 - Agrest
Slav Defence - 3.Nc3 dc4 - Flear
Tarrasch Defence - Semi-Tarrasch 6.g3 - Werle
Nimzo-Indian Defence - Leningrad Variation 4.Bg5 - Lukacs/Hazai
Nimzo-Indian Defence - Ragozin Variation 4.Nf3 d5 5.Bg5 - Mchedlishvili
Nimzo-Indian Defence - Kmoch Variation 4.f3 - Van der Stricht
Queens Indian Defence - Classical Variation 4...Bb7 - A. Kuzmin
Queens Indian Defence - Nimzowitsch Variation 4...Ba6 - Giddins
Kings Indian Defence - Bayonet Variation 9.b4 - A. Kuzmin
King's Indian Defence - Four Pawns Attack 8.de6 - Moskalenko
English Opening - Reversed Dragon 3.g3 - Lukacs/Hazai
English Opening - Anti-Grnfeld Line 4.Qa4 - Landa

Australian Chess 1961-1970

by Wright, includes 738 games and good coverage of all national championships - $45

Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master

by Jeremy Silman (2007)

For more than 100 years, the world's leading chess players and teachers have told their students to study the endgame. Now, for the first time, a revolutionary, richly instructive endgame book has been designed for players of all levels. Silman's Complete Endgame Course, by famed writer and player Jeremy Silman, is the one and only endgame book you'll need as you move up the ladder from beginner to strong tournament player and finally to master.

Designed to "speak" to a player in a very personal way, Silman's book teaches the student everything he or she needs to know at his or her current rating level, and builds on that knowledge for each subsequent phase of the player's development. Starting at the beginner's level, all basic mates are clearly and painstakingly explained. After that, the critical building blocks that form the endgame foundation for all tournament hopefuls and experienced tournament competitors are explored in detail. Finally, advanced endgame secrets based on concepts rather than memorization are presented in a way that makes them easy to master.

The basic keys to a well-rounded endgame education--Opposition, the Lucena and Philidor Positions, Cat and Mouse, Trebuchet, Fox in the Chicken Coup, Triangulation, Building a Box, Square of a Pawn, Outflanking, the Principle of Two Weaknesses--are vital. But equally important is creating a love of the endgame, which is addressed at the end of the book with a look at chess tactics, minor piece domination, and a discussion of the five greatest endgame players of all time--all things that every fan of chess at every level can enjoy.

If you have found the endgame to be a mystery, if you have found that your confidence plummets once you reach an endgame, if you have searched for an instructive endgame book that will turn your weakest link--your endgame--into your personal field of power, your search is over. Silman's Complete Endgame Course is the key to a world of essential ideas, startling beauty, and stunning creativity.

From the Back Cover
International Master Jeremy Silman has a rare talent of seeing chess not only from his perspective, but also from the point of view of a club player. Because of that, I always recommend Jeremy's books to my students and get very positive feedback from them. Now I know what I'll recommend for their endgame work! --Alexander Baburin, International Grandmaster

Superb and highly instructive--an excellent learning tool for both the novice and expert alike. --Pal Benko, International Grandmaster

One of the best endgame books I've ever seen. The idea to divide material according to rating group is great! --Gregory Kaidanov, International Grandmaster

Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov - $57.95
Publication date: February 15, 2007
by Tibor Karolyi, Nick Aplin

Publisher: New In Chess, 2007
Edition: Paperback large
ISBN-13: 978-90-5691-202-4
Pages: 360
Language: English


The Exceptional Endgame Skills of the 12th World Champion

Anatoly Karpovs legendary endgame technique has always been something of an enigma. Karpov became World Champion in 1975, as the successor of Bobby Fischer. With his fine endgame technique Karpov managed to win positions which nearly everybody else assessed as a draw.

This book takes, for the first time, a close look at his endgame technique, explaining the finer points better than Karpov himself has ever cared to do. All existing analysis has been reworked and many spectacular findings have been added. Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov provides valuable insight into the qualities that made Karpov such a great endgame player, maybe the greatest of all time. A highly instructive and entertaining book.

Tibor Karolyi is an International Master and a former Hungarian Champion. He is an experienced chess coach (Judit Polgar and Peter Leko were among his pupils), who regularly contributes to various major chess magazines. He has written books about Garry Kasparov and Judit Polgar.

Nick Aplin is an Associate Professor of Sport Studies at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The 105 best endgames of Karpovs career explained for amateurs.

Praise for Tibor Karolyi:

An excellent job. Keeps the reader fully entertained.
Richard Palliser in Chess Magazine on Judit Polgar, The Princess of Chess

An outstanding achievement, a real teaching book.
Jon Ostriker at ChessCafe on Kasparovs Fighting Chess

SOS - Volume 6 - $39.95

by Jeroen Bosch (Editor)

Publisher: New In Chess, 2007
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN-13: 978-90-5691-193-5
Pages: 144
Language: English


An excellent series worth purchasing for most players wishing to play the opening well without a huge investment in theoretical research.

The highly acclaimed SOS series provides intermediate chess players with perfectly playable, easily digestible opening ideas: deviations from main line opening theory in a very early stage of the game (usually before move six). Anyone with a  rudimentary knowledge of the chess opening will be able to apply these SOS-ideas in an actual game. There is no need to study large quantities of stuffy theory, but there is an almost immediate return on the investment of a limited amount of time. Readers of SOS will baffle their opponents, gain crucial time, and stand a good chance to get an advantage in the game.

Jeroen Bosch - The SOS Files
Ian Rogers - Triple Trouble for the Grnfeld
Jeroen Bosch - Sicilian: the Aussie Attack
Erwin lAmi No Panov - Play an Early Queen Move
Donaldson and Silman - 3.h4 in the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon
Arthur Kogan - The Tarzan Attack
Jeroen Bosch - Making Short Work of the Najdorf
Adrian Mikhalchishin - The Dry Defence
Glenn Flear - Bishops First Please!
Jeroen Bosch - The Chigorin Attack
Arthur Kogan - The Queens Grnfeld Line (Part I)
Arthur Kogan - The Queens Grnfeld Line (Part II)
Adrian Mikhalchishin - A Spanish SOS
Jeroen Bosch - The French Advance with 5a6
Dorian Rogozenko - A Slav Surprise
Sergey Tiviakov - Scandinavian with 3...Qd6
John van der Wiel - Caro-Kann with a Slav Touch

Unusual and almost supernatural opening ideas.

Tricky opening ideas, not much to learn, surprise value and lots of fun.

A refreshing change from the usual dreary technical works.

No matter what opening you play, you will find something exciting here.

For those who enjoy creative chess and independent thinking from the very start of the game, but who dont want to take excessive risks, there is a no better product available today.
Carsten Hansen at

Caro-Kann Defence

Panov Attack

By Anatoly Karpov

Caro-Kann Defence


The Caro-Kann Defence has a justified reputation for reliability, making it an attractive choice for players with a preference for positional play. However, in recent years many new dangerous ideas have been discovered for White, which makes a study of the theoretical main lines imperative for competitive players.

The Panov Attack against the Caro-Kann, 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 exd5 cxd5 4 c4, covered in this second volume in the series, leads to a rapid opening of lines and very lively piece play with prospects of a quick attack on the kingside, queenside or the centre. Former world champion Anatoly Karpov selects and analyses the essential main lines that provide Black not only with security, but also with active play.

About the Author

Anatoly Karpov is a living legend of chess; he has dominated the world of the chess for over a decade as the world chess champion between 1975 and 1985. Garry Kasparov, the current champion, dethroned him and the two ideologically opposed Russians have had a bitter rivalry ever since. Anatoly Karpov is also the winner of the largest number of tournaments in the history of chess, with more than 160 due tournaments. He is considered the best positional player of history of chess and is the author of several other books on chess theory. He lives in Russia.

Publisher Batsford
Publication Date 30 November 2006
ISBN 071349011X
ISBN 13 9780713490114
Size (h x w) 234x156mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 244