Jaques Original Staunton Presentation Set

King 4 inches, beautiful hand turned boxwood and ebony chessmen, still made by Jaques to the original Staunton pattern first introduced by Jaques in 1847.

This large set similar to the one above has the Jaques original Staunton label (model 50010), supplied in superb baize hand polished mahogany cabinet with lock (key missing).

One set only has been very well kept in the box (unopened) for years 100% as new condition only the key to lock the box is missing very rare set.

Reduced for quick sale - $1695 (SOLD)

Armageddon Metal Set

One only as new condition the largest of our popular range of metal sets has become available. The set is designed to represent the combatants in the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

Reduced for quick sale - $625


Large wood/silver/bronze board for the above Armageddon set -  as new condition board very good, very rare, very solid, no longer made.

One only $235

 The above set and board together less 10%