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My System
21st Century Edition

By Aron Nimzowitsch, edited and converted to algebraic notation by Lou Hays

Ask 100 chess masters if they have studied �My System� and probably 99 will answer, �yes.� Many will tell you they have reviewed this masterpiece over and over gain. From Grandmaster to beginner, every chess player learns as he reads and re-reads �My System.� This is the algebraic version of this treasure of positional chess, edited for the modern reader and loaded with 419 diagrams. True chess understanding lies within these pages. This edition makes the all-time classic easier than ever before. With more than 60,000 copies in print, �My System � 21st Century Edition� is among the most popular chess books ever published.


London Times
"This is a revolutionary re-editing of a revolutionary book" � International Grandmaster Raymond Keene.

The Week in Chess
"Lou Hays�s 1991 edition of My System is the best in English" � International Master John Watson

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The Middlegame - Book I : Static Features (Algebraic Edition) (Paperback)

The Middlegame, Book 2: Dynamic & Subjective Features (Algebraic Edition) (Paperback)

by Euwe & Kramer

In the history of chess only a handful of players have achieved the title of World Champion, and of these fewer still left behind any meaningful theoretical work. One player who did both was Dr. Max Euwe, a Dutch mathematician who defeated Alekhine in 1935 and held the title for two years.

At about the same time, Euwe conceived the idea for presenting a definitive treatment of the middlegame in chess. Working in collaboration with the Dutch IM H. Kramer, the team spent decades collecting nearly five hundred masterful examples of middlegame strategy from actual play.

This two volume set is the result of their research, a ground breaking exposition of the permanent and unchangeable features of the middlegame.

 Book One is a study of what are termed Static Features, consisting of the relative worth of the pieces: center formations; open and closed formations; the struggles for open lines; weak pawns and much more.

 Book Two turns to the Dynamic and Subjective Features, including the initiative; attacking the King; defense; maneuvering; liquidation; psychological factors, and a discussion on the personal style of many top players.

Because Euwe and Kramer devoted themselves to explaining only the immutable basic elements, The Middlegame remains as timeless today as when first published. Algebraic notation, modernized language and many new diagrams, combined with the lucid annotations of the former World Champion make this edition an indispensible tool for the modern chessplayer.

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Combination Challenge!

by Lou Hays and John Hall, 230pp. (Hays Publishing 1991) 

"The combination book of the year!" Ken Smith, 1991. This classic best seller gives you 1154 tactical problems to solve PLUS a training method for learning chess tactics by "osmosis". Now in its eighth printing.

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Tactical Chess Training

International Grandmaster Leonid Shamkovich and Jan R. Cartier (1995). Subtitle: 300 Brilliant Tactical Studies From Events Played 1985-1995. "Tactical Chess Training consists of 300 fresh and complicated positions (285 positions from games in the 1990s), filled with exciting tactical themes. The positions were chosen by GM Shamkovich and are thoroughly analyzed by Shamkovich and co-author Cartier. Each tactical theme is italicized in the main lines and in the notes. This is a sophisticated tactics training manual - the student plays through and thoroughly learns the tactical ideas in these positions rather than trying to solve them the first time through. He then has the option of going back and attempting to solve them "blind" later. Indexed by theme for study of any particular tactical idea! Great training for the aspiring tactician! This book provides a tremendous learning experience for low rated up to expert strength players".-publisher. 175 pages, algebraic. Hays.

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Chess Praxis 21st Century

by Aron Nimzovitsch, 296pp., edited by Ken Artz (Hays 1993).

In the early part of the twentieth century the most controversial topics in chess were the novel theories of Aron Nimzowitsch, the stormy petrel of the chess world. It seemed to many that Nimzowitsch was trying to demolish the classical Steinitz Tarrasch chess system on purely irrational grounds, for many of his moves seemed arbitrary and even ridiculous. Yet, using his system, Nimzowitsch won game after game, and when he became rated among the top three or four players in the world, the ridicule that had greeted his system changed to serious question. It is now recognized that hypermodern chess (as Nimzowitsch's ideas came to be called), is an integral part of the chess configuration, broadening and deepening chess enormously.

Chess Praxis is the fullest exposition of Nimzowitsch's new analysis and theories, and it is beyond question one of the dozen most important books ever written on chess. The history of the theory of chess has long been an attempt to derive principles and structures, beyond simply lists of moves, and Nimzowitsch has provided a new analysis of chess that has proved to be remarkably profound and useful. Abandoning momentarily the classical chronological division of the game into periods, he breaks chess into important positional situations: restriction and blockade; centralization; overprotection; the isolated d-pawn; hanging pawns; the Bishop pair; alternating maneuvers against enemy weaknesses when one possesses a space advantage; plus many strategies of hypermodern chess. Under these headings Nimzowitsch reveals numerous striking and imaginative tactics under a wide variety of positional conditions.

The development of the author's ideas is both rich and extremely clear. Each possible maneuver is illustrated by at least two games, demonstrating Nimzowitsch's surprising resources against some of the world's strongest players. All games are closely analyzed. Fifteen games from modern times have been added to the original 109 games annotated by Nimzowitsch.

This is a book which every serious chessplayer must own. It is the monument of a great transition period in chess, and is packed with numerous valuable hints, suggestions for improving one's game, and general understanding which will benefit virtually any player wishing to improve his game.

 124 Illustrative Games
502 Diagrams
294 Pages / Algebraic Notation


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The Game of Chess

Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch

Dr. Tarrasch begins with the endgamebecause its easier for a novice to deal with a few men than the entire thirty-two. An important and extensive discussion of the middle game follows. Finally, the author deals with openings and offers enlightening comments on many historically important variations. Over 340 diagrams and 12 complete games.

A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player.

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Khalifman: life and games, Gennady Nesis

This book provides an inside account of Khalifman's life and chess career, describing his emergence from promising junior to FIDE World Champion.

published October 2000 | isbn 185744 2121 | format Paperback , 208 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Gennady Nesis

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Timman's Selected Games: Chess the Adventurous Way

GM Jan Timman (1994). "It is not always the games with the best chess that leave behind the strongest memories. On the contrary, sometimes a break in the logical line of thought in a game results in a maze of chaotic complications and is the ingredient which gives the game its distinctive flavor. Occasionally, a dramatic defeat is more interesting than a straightforward victory. This selection of 80 games gives a picture of the fighting chess I have always championed. Many of these date from the period 1985-1990, when I was the only player from outside the then Soviet Union who consistently challenged the Soviet hegemony in the world championship cycle and the race for the world championship"-author. Deep, deep annotations, 254 pages, paperback, algebraic.

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Sokolov's Best Games

GM Ivan Sokolov (1997). One of the best ways to improve is to study the games of a top Grandmaster, and Ivan Sokolovs uncompromising style and tactical flair make him a perfect role model. In this book Sokolov demonstrates the deadly effectiveness of his systems against openings such as the Nimzo-Indian, Queens Gambit, Slav and Kings Indian. Contains fifty deeply annotated games with introductions, This brilliant and inventive opening play will both instruct and entertain. Included are many spectacular miniatures of under thirty moves. 159 pages, figurine algebraic. Cadogan.

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Three Hundred Chess Games - 'Dreihundert Schachpartien' - English Language Edition

by Seigbert Tarrasch, 366pp. (Hall 1999)

The English language edition of the classic "Dreihundert Schachpartien" translated by Sol Schwartz. Siegbert Tarrasch's classical system as shown in three hundred of his best games. The German edition of this book was referred to by Reuben Fine as "a monument to our game." This classic includes Tarrasch's autobiographical sketch woven throughout the games. This is a tremendous studybook for learning the principles of chess. Easy enough for juniors and lower rated players.

Tarrasch takes the combinational school of Paul Morphy and combines it with the positional school founded by Wilhelm Steinitz. The result is a powerful system of chess play utilized by the greatest masters since the turn of the 20th century.

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