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Endgames 2 – rook endgames - $59.95
Endgame theory forms the basis for chess. This becomes painfully clear as soon as a player has reached a clearly won endgame, yet must fi nally content himself with a draw because he lacks the necessary know-how. Does this sound familiar? Then avoid such accidents and make endgames your strength – by building up a solid endgame technique. With this second volume of his endgame training series, grandmaster and endgame expert Dr Karsten Mueller from Hamburg continues to lay the solid foundations for the last phase of the game. After dealing with basic endgames from giving mate with the queen to the basics of pawn endgames in part I, part II is dedicated exclusively to rook endgames: rook versus pawn, rook and pawn versus rook, rook and rook pawn versus rook, rook and two connected pawns versus rook. Those who have always found studying endgames with chess textbooks too dry and tedious will enjoy this DVD with its comfortable training system and benefi t enormously – in brilliant endgames at the actual board. Complete video running time: 5 hours. Author: Since 1988 grandmaster Dr. Karsten Mueller from Hamburg plays for the Hamburger Schachklub in the Bundesliga and in 1996 and 1997 he fi nished third in the German Championship. As an internationally renowned endgame expert he is the author of the endgame column in the ChessBase magazine and the author of the Endgame Corner column on His book „Fundamental Chess Endings“, which he co-authored with Frank Lamprecht and which was published in 2001 by Gambit is already considered to be a modern classic.
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Endgames 1 – Basic knowledge for beginners - $59.95
Endgame theory constitutes the foundation of chess. You realize this in striking clarity once you obtain a won endgame, but in the end have to be content with a draw in the end because of a lack of necessary know-how. Such accidents can only be prevented by building up a solid endgame technique.

This is Karsten Müller's first DVD, and the grandmaster from Hamburg and endgame expert here lays the foundation for acquiring such a technique.

The first part of his training series can be started without any endgame knowledge. Only a knowledge of the rules of chess is assumed. But for a lot of club players this course will be a welcome brush-up, as a glance at the content confirms. The topics range from elementary endings such as mating with the queen, with rook and with two bishops and mating with bishop and knight.

The DVD also teaches the fundamentals of pawn endings, knight vs. pawns endings, bishop vs. knight endings, queen vs. pawns endings plus knight and bishop endings, including endings with bishop of the same and of opposite color. Those who have always felt that studying the endgame from textbooks is too uninspiring and too arduous, will enjoy this DVD and certainly profit from it. Video running time: 5.5 hours. Included on the DVD is a ChessBase 9.0 Reader.

ChessBase Magazine
ChessBase Magazine 112 - $39.95
ChessBase Magazine Vol. 112 has 1585 games, 363 with analysis by top experts in the field. In addition there are well over 3,000 games from contemporary correspondence and email chess events. Multimedia introductions to the contents are provided by German grandmaster Carsten Müller and IMs Oliver Reh, Jacob Aagaard and Andrew Martin. There is also an hour of video interviews with GM Yasser Seirawan, who speaks about the Super-GM tournament in Morelia/Linares; on the chess legend Viktor Korchnoi, for whom Yasser worked as a second; on the Playchess lessons Yasser is planning; and on the FIDE elections.
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The great ABC of Tactics - $54.95
As is usual with CDs by George Renko, his latest publication provides a wealth of training exercises. Before that he even explains the rules of chess. Then several thousand one movers provide practice of even the simplest tactical patterns. And for those who quickly master this stage, the CD offers many further tactical exercises.
Available from 7 July 2006

About the author:
George Renko is a mathematician and a chess trainer. He comes from the Soviet Union, but has lived for many years in the USA. ChessBase has already published his CDs „Intensive course tactics“, „Killer moves“ and „Deadly threats“.

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Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess - $54.95
Dr. Danny Kopec earned his Ph. D. in Computer Sience with a concentration in artificial intelligence. He is also an international master who may be the world’s greatest exponent of chess knowledge.
For more than 25 years Kopec has been testing and evaluating hundreds of chessplayers in the UK, Canada and the US in order to quantify their overall chess strength, their specific deficiencies and definite abilities. Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess: a knowledge-based approach, represents the sum of Dr. Kopec’s overall efforts to help chessplayers understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery.

National Master Hal Terrie has been working with Kopec to improve upon his testing methodology and to raise the ultimate effectiveness of their knowledge-based approach. Together they have produced a book which will surely advance the science of chess.
The second edition of their book has the full support of the USCF as a tried and tested self-evaluation, and as a learning and teaching tool.

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