Garden Sets and Boards

(reduced prices from February 2006)



Outdoor Garden Sets - These are very well made of a strong weather proof plastic material from Germany in two sizes. The larger set - King is 64cm in height. The base unscrews and is 24cms in diameter for each piece. Sand can be added to increase weight if required. Handle on top for easy moving.



Now $995




Outdoor Garden Sets  - Large Set - pawns $50 all other pieces $80 each or 10% less for 4 or more. 


Large board in 64 sections black and white chess/draughts each square 35 x 35cm. Now $595
The smaller outdoor garden set King is 32cms in height Now $225

Smaller board in 64 sections black and white each square 15 x 15cm

Now $135
Draughts - large outdoor garden set


Now $375
Draughts - small outdoor garden set 


Now $124