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DGT Electronic Board ($895) with DGT-XL ($135) digital clock reduced from $1030 to $795 (save $235)

As used in the December 2007 FIDE World Cup.

The DGT Electronic Chessboard - $895

Accurate and fast chess move input device for your computer.

+ Play with genuine wood against your favorite chess program or an internet opponent.

+ Broadcast chess games over the Internet. Ideal for tournament presentation.

+ Let the computer analyze games while playing a human opponent.

+ Automatically store games in the memory of the board while you play, and retrieve the games as PGN later.



+ Beautifully-inlaid wood board with official FIDE tournament-size squares (5.5 x 5.5 cm).

+ Board only 1.8 cm thick. The same as a normal chessboard.

+ Classic Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces with a king height of 95mm (3.75").

+ Possibility to connect a DGT XL Clock.


  + Modern, reliable, sensor technology recognizes each piece accurately and fast.

+ Each piece is identified by color and type. This gives you extra reliabilty in fast blitz games and makes setting up chess positions very easy.

+ Internal memory (for 500 moves).

+ Simply connects to USB or serial port of your PC.

+ Driver CD included for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

+ Supported by many chess programs on different platforms. Click to see.

The DGT Electronic Board is supported by many programs, and new programs are added to this list frequently. The current list of supported programs includes:

DGT Board + Pocket Grandmaster 2.0.

DGT Projects' professional chess tournament broadcasting software. Great for live tournament broadcasting, but also for publishing existing games. A free trial version is available here.

Linux / MacOS support
EBoard Chess GUI and dgtnix

A POSIX driver has been developed by Pierre Boulenguez. This driver enables the EBoard Chess GUI  to work together with the DGT electornic board. For details, see:

CEBoard - Chess tool for Pocket PC
With features to use the DGT e-Board (serial interface) to play against Crafty, Crafty Classic 2004, Toga II 1.1 (or 1.0) or Fruit 2.1 running inside CEBoard (or simply to memorize games) on a Pocket PC with serial interface.
More info and download

BabasChess - The Free Internet Chess Client
BabasChess is a new revolutionary Internet Chess Client for Windows. A beta version with DGT E-board support is available now.
If you want to see the latest developments and contribute as a beta tester, you can download the latest beta versions here.

Shredder Classic,
Shredder 9 UCI,
Deep Shredder 9 UCI
Shredder Classic is a professional computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, the eight times world computer chess champion.
Direct board and clock support by use of DGT Projects' board driver DLL.

ChessMaster 10th Edition
and ChessMaster 9000

Play against ChessMaster with the DGT e-board. By using the proxy-engine named GameKeeper, developed by Gang Chang, moves made by Chessmaster are intercepted and taken into account. The level of integration is pretty good, almost as if Chessmaster supports the DGT board natively.

World Chess Network
Play against internet opponents with the electronic board! Download the free WCN software here.


> Chessbase products
ChessBase 9

Fritz 8, Fritz 7, Fritz 6, Fritz 5.32, Fritz 5
Hiarcs 7.32, Hiarcs 9
Junior 5
Nimzo 99
Direct board support by use of DGT Projects' board driver DLL.

> Pocket Grandmaster 2.0
and 2.1
A fully featured and extremely strong award winning chess playing program for Pocket PCs running Pocket PC 2002 or Windows CE 3.0. This new version also supports the DGT Electronic Chess Board.
Please note that not all Pocket PC's are supported. It does not seem to work with the DELL Axim.
Further instructions here.

> Arena (all versions)
A graphical user interface to play with many chess engines like Crafty, GNUChess, LambChop and many, many more!

> Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Play live online chess with BlitzIn + the WoodIn plugin.

> US Chess Live
Use US Chess Live to play on the game site, using the DGT Electronic Chess Board. Please see the website of US Chess Live or contact us.

> World Chess21 Network
Online chessclub. Play online for free. Sherlock 21(analyzing and playing with Crafty) supports input from the DGT board.

> Chess Assistant
Also with Internet Chess Club support.

> ChessPad
For Palm handheld: ChessPad 3.03 Beta
To use the DGT Board with your Palm, a null modem cable is needed. This can be ordered from DGT Projects at USD 10 each, excluding shipment.
Or build yourself, following this specification

> Rebel
Rebel 11 (free update required; see the Rebel homepage). Rebel 12 supports the USB version of the board too.

> ChessPartner

from Uwe Auerswald

> Lost Boys CPS Light
Tournament broadcasting software, for one board only.

> ChessSrv
We advise against the use of the ChessSrv program, while the used technology does not guarantee a reliable link between board and the applications.

DGT-XL Clock - $135


DGT XL digital chess clock

After the worldwide success of the DGT FIDE model digital clock, we present the DGT XL.
The advantages include:

+ Option to mix timing systems (e.g start with a normal countdown period followed by a "Fischer" or "Bronstein Delay" period).

+ Increased display size: digits are 18mm in height.

+ Connects to the DGT electronic chessboard and has special internet features like an option to display messages.

+ More display information (timing system, current game period, white/black player indicator, ...).

+ Buzzer can be switched on or off.

+ Easy operation with extra buttons.

+ Extra upcount timing method.

+ Save and retrieve 5 user defined manual settings.