Specials December 2005

Blunders and How to Avoid Them: Eliminate Mistakes from your Play, Angus Dunnington

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No one likes to make mistakes, but all chess players, even those belonging to the worls elite, are prone to blundering. How can this problem be eradicated or, at the very least, kept to a minimum? Read this book and find out! Experienced chess player and writer Angus Dunnington takes a look at why the good, the bad and the indifferent all make errors, from small positional misjudgements to simply leaving a queen en prise. Dunnington explores the reasons for oversights and the habits one needs to develop in order to banish these problems. This book is crucial reading for those plagued by chess disasters!

*Offers help to the blunder-prone players
*Explains techniques to avoid errors
*Written by an experienced competitor


published May 2004 | isbn 1857443446 | format Paperback , 144 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Angus Dunnington

Can you be a Positional Chess Genius?, Angus Dunnington

Reduced from $51.95 to $38.95


Test your positional chess expertise with a quiz book with a difference! International Master and experienced chess teacher Angus Dunnington has carefully assembled an abundance of positional chess puzzles to test players of all levels. At the beginning o


published June 2002 | isbn 1857442644 | format Paperback , 144 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Angus Dunnington

Can you be a Tactical Chess Genius?, James Plaskett

Reduced from $51.95 to $38.95


Test your tactical chess skills with a quiz book with a difference! Grandmaster James Plaskett, a player of distinguished tactical ability, has carefully assembled an abundance of tactical chess puzzles to test players of all levels. At the beginning of e

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published March 2002 | isbn 1857442598 | format Paperback , 144 pages

Author Biography and Booklist James Plaskett

Inside the Chess Mind: How players of all levels think about the game, Jacob Aagaard

Reduced from $52.95 to $39.95


What separates a Grandmaster from an International Master? How do the thought processes of a strong club player differ from that of a middling club player? What techniques can an enthusiastic chess player employ when striving to reach the next rung on the ladder? Jacob Aagaard provides the answers to these questions in this fascinating and entertaining new book. The material is based around numerous carefully-selected tests which are offered to a group of players of a very wide range of ages and playing strengths. Once all the participants have attempted the tests, their discoveries, solving methods and difficulties with the exercises are evaluated and compared, and conclusions are drawn. The players are also quizzed about their exercise techniques, ideas and opinions about chess in general. Inside the Chess Mind enters fresh territory in chess literature by providing a thought-provoking insight as to how the chess brains of the great, the good and the improver operate.

*Clarifies both the differences and similarities between Grandmasters and amateurs
*Suitable for players of all strengths
*Includes challenging puzzles
*Written by a highly experienced chess coach


published August 2004 | isbn 1857443578 | format Paperback , 192 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Jacob Aagaard

Nunn's Chess Openings, Graham Burgess; John Nunn; Joe Gallagher; John Emms

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Nunn's Chess Openings is the chess-player's new bible. This single volume covers all chess openings in detail and will enable every chess-player, right up to grandmaster standard, to play the opening with confidence. As World Champion Garry Kasparov once said in an interview, 'A really good opening survey should be written by a team of experts'. Nunn's Chess Openings is indeed written by a team of experts: four players who are acclaimed as outstanding chess writers and experts in their fields. The team's collective knowledge and experience embrace all openings, so each section of Nunn's Chess Openings provides the sort of insider knowledge that will give you the edge on your opponents.

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published January 1999 | isbn 1857442210 | format Paperback , 544 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Graham Burgess John Nunn Joe Gallagher John Em

Soviet Championships, Mark Taimanov; Bernard Cafferty

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Starting in 1920, and running through to the early 1990s, when the political break-up of the USSR meant the end of the competition, the prestigious Soviet Championships were truly representative events with all of the top Soviet players participating. Bec


published October 1997 | isbn 1857442016 | format Hardback , 224 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Mark Taimanov Bernard Cafferty

The Masters: Mikhail Tal Tactical Genius, Alex Raetsky; Maxim Chetverik

Reduced from $38.95 to $25.95


Mikhail Tal was simply a chess phenomenon. The magician from Riga stunned the chess world when he became the youngest ever World Champion (at that time) in 1960, and he won countless supporters for his scintillating tactical play and his infectious enthusiasm for the game. Tal's dazzling tactical style would often leave his hapless opponents in a state of shell shock. As former World Champion Vassily Smyslov once noted Tal's appearance in chess had the effect of an exploding bomb, since his style of play was distinguished by extraordinary combinative brilliance

In this book Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik revisit Tal's brilliant victories. The authors have carefully picked his most famous and instructive games and combinations, ones which set the chess world alight with admiration. A study of this tactical genius is sure to entertain and benefit the aspiring chess student.

*Includes Tal's most brilliant sacrificial attacks
*Ideal for the attacking-minded chess player


published November 2004 | isbn 1857443659 | format Paperback , 128 pages

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Author Biography and Booklist Alex Raetsky Maxim Chetver