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Starting Out: Rook Endgames, Chris Ward - $41.95


Endgames with kings, rooks and pawns are by far the most common type it is estimated that rook endgames are reached in nearly one in five of all chess games. Is clear that a firm understanding of them is required in order to become self-assured in this typical phase of the game. And yet it is exactly this area in which many players drop precious points or half-points through a lack of either technique or understanding.
In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster and well-known endgames expert Chris Ward begins with the absolute fundamentals of rook endgames. He gradually arms the reader with the indispensable knowledge and confidence needed to move onto slightly trickier positions. Using examples from practical play, Ward highlights the correct plans as well as the typical mistakes made by both attacker and defender.
As is commonplace with the renowned Starting Out series, there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings throughout the book to help the improving player. Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames is perfect for those who have previously honed their chess skills with the earlier books Starting Out in Chess, Tips for Young Players and Improve Your Endgame Play


published February 2005 | isbn 1857443748 | format Paperback , 160 pages

pgn format download the games

Author Biography and Booklist Chris Ward

Starting Out: The Dutch Defence, Neil McDonald - $38.95


The Dutch Defence is an ambitious and underrated counter to the queen�s pawn opening. With his very first move Black creates an asymmetrical pawn structure, thus unbalancing the position from a very early stage and allowing both White and Black players to fight for the initiative. Black also has many options within the Dutch Defence, from the ultra-solid Stonewall formation through to the fluid Classical System and the dynamic Leningrad Variation.
In this user-friendly book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald goes back to basics, studying the fundamental principles of the Dutch Defence and its many variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips, warnings and exercises to help the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.


published February 2005 | isbn 1857443772 | format Paperback , 160 pages

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Author Biography and Booklist Neil McDonald

The Petroff Defence, Alex Raetsky; Maxim Chetverik - $44.95


The Petroff Defence is considered as one of Blacks most reliable methods of meeting the kings pawn opening. By counterattacking as early as move two, Black avoid the hazards of having to face lines such as the Scotch Opening, the Italian Game and the Spanish torture of the Ruy Lopez. An early breach of a central file together with active piece play for both sides characterises the Petroff as a typical kings pawn opening.
Until a few years ago, the Petroff was opening that was favoured by a few top Grandmasters, including Anatoly Karpov and Artur Yusupov. However, the last few years have seen a dramatic rise in its popularity, and it now provides battlefields for many top clashes of the modern elite players, including Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand, Leko, Topalov and Englands Michael Adams. This is bound to have a positive effect on its popularity at club level.
In this book, openings experts Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik study the typical plans and tactics for both White and Black in this complex opening. Using illustrative games, the authors provide up-to-date coverage of a line that has experienced a major overhaul in the last decade.


published March 2005 | isbn 1857443780 | format Paperback , 144 pages

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Author Biography and Booklist Alex Raetsky Maxim Chetverik

The Trompowsky, Nigel Davies - $44.95


From relative obscurity to one of Whites favourite queens pawn openings, the rise in popularity of the Trompowsky Attack over the last decade or so has been quite staggering. Largely inspired by a group of English players headed by Julian Hodgson and Michael Adams, the Tromp has been enthusiastically taken up by club players and Grandmasters alike. Even the World number one Garry Kasparov has tried his hand at this dynamic opening.
The Trompowsky is an ideal weapon for club and tournament players. From as early as move two White stamps his authority on the game and gives Black difficult problems to solve. While its true that the opening has now built up a reasonable amount of theory, there is relatively little to learn compared to more mainstream openings and still much scope for original play.
In this book Grandmaster Nigel Davies presents the reader with up-to-date coverage of this ever-expanding opening. Using model games for both White and Black, he studies the key strategies and tactics associated with the Trompowsky.


published March 2005 | isbn 1857443764 | format Paperback , 144 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Nigel Davies

Fire on Board, part 2: 1997-2004, Alexei Shirov - $53.95


Alexei Shirov has dazzled and inspired a generation of chess fans with his unique brand of attacking chess. The Grandmaster, originally from Riga, Latvia, is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive and inventive chess players of the modern era, an argument backed up by his wealth of amazing games, rich in tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. Fire on Board begins where the best-selling first edition left off in 1996. Shirov traces his progress at the top of the chess world since that year and presents a delightful collection of his favourite games, all explained in great detail to the reader.


published May 2005 | isbn 1857443829 | format Paperback , 200 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Alexei Shirov

Starting Out: Benoni Systems, Alex Raetsky; Maxim Chetverik  - $41.95


Ideal for those wanting to understand the basics of Benoni Systems.

This book is a study of all the crucial Benoni systems apart from the Modern Benoni. It presents diverse and practical options against the queen�s pawn opening for dynamic, tactical players and solid, positional players alike. Included are such daring defences as the controversial Blumenfeld Counter-Gambit and the Benko Gambit, a favourite with uncompromising Grandmasters such as Veselin Topalov and Vassily Ivanchuk. On the other hand, Black also has the opportunity to adopt solid, respectable defences such as the Czech Benoni and the Schmid Benoni. Whether Black likes to sacrifice and take the initiative, or whether he prefers to play in a more restrained manner, there is something here for all types of player.

In this user-friendly book, opening theoreticians Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik go back to basics, studying the fundamental principles of the Benoni Systems and its many variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.


published July 2005 | isbn 1857443799 | format Paperback , 239 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Alex Raetsky Maxim Chetverik

Italian Game and Evans Gambit, Jan Pinski - $44.95


The Italian Game (sometimes referred to as the Giuoco Piano) is one of the oldest openings around, and also one of the first lines a player learns when he or she is introduced to chess. It leads to play that is easy to understand: both sides develop their pieces logically and begin attacks on the opposing kings. The Italian Game gives both White and Black the opportunity to play either aggressively and in gambit fashion, or in a restrained and positional manner. One of White's most exciting and attacking options is the legendary Evans Gambit, which has been brought back into the limelight in this modern era by such uncompromising players as World number one Garry Kasparov, Alexander Morozevich and England's Nigel Short.
In this book, openings expert Jan Pinski investigates the different strategies and tactics in the Italian Game and Evans Gambit. Using model games for both White and Black, Pinski provides crucial coverage of both the main lines and offbeat variations. This book arms the reader with enough knowledge to play the Italian Game and Evans Gambit with confidence.


published August 2005 | isbn 185744373X | format Paperback , 160 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Jan Pinski

Tango! A Dynamic Answer to 1 d4, Richard Palliser -  $44.95


Tired of constantly defending passive positions with the black pieces? Looking for something new and exciting to unleash at the chessboard? This book provides an answer to these perennial questions. International Master and renowned openings theoretician Richard Palliser presents a complete repertoire for Black against queens pawn openings based on the dynamic and very much underrated Black Knights Tango. Using illustrative games, Palliser gives a thorough grounding on the key tactics and strategies behind this ambitious opening, while also highlighting the various tricks and traps that both sides have to watch out for. Studying in depth both the main lines and Whites more offbeat tries for an advantage, Palliser gives the readers the required knowledge and confidence to immediately try the Tango in their own games.


published June 2005 | isbn 1857443888 | format Paperback , 192 pages

pgn format download the games

Author Biography and Booklist Richard Palliser

Catastrophe in the Opening, James Plaskett - $44.95


There are not too many feelings more satisfying in chess than winning very quickly by cleverly snaring your opponent in an opening trap. Conversely, all chess players, even budding World Champions, have experienced the utter humiliation of losing in exactly the same manner! In this entertaining and instructive book Grandmaster James Plaskett presents a wealth of illustrative games that contain disasters in the crucial opening phase of the game, where for one reason or another the battle is concluded prematurely. Studying Catastrophe in the Opening will allow the reader to capitalise on any early blunders by his or her opponent, whilst also avoiding the various pitfalls that await chess players in the opening.


published July 2005 | isbn 185744390X | format Paperback , 160 pages

Author Biography and Booklist James Plaskett

Ruy Lopez Exchange, Krzystof Panczyk; Jacek Ilczuk - $44.95


The Ruy Lopez Exchange (or Spanish Exchange) is a classical and well-respected opening that is a favourite amongst Grandmasters and club players alike. It has provided the battle scene for many heavyweight clashes between the world's elite, including (amongst others) Alexei Shirov, Jan Timman, Nigel Short and Michael Adams. Very early on in the game, a distinctive pawn structure is obtained, and in this particular opening it's the understanding of key ideas, plans and structures that's more important that the memorisation of long theoretical variations.
In this book, noted opening theoreticians Krzysztof Panczyk and Jacek Ilczuk explain the crucial strategies and tactics of the Ruy Lopez Exchange. Using model games for both White and Black, the authors provide a thorough schooling in the key ideas of both the fashionable lines and the more offbeat variations. In this way, players of all standards can quickly and confidently begin to play the Ruy Lopez Exchange with either colour in their own games.


published August 2005 | isbn 1857443896 | format Paperback , 192 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Krzystof Panczyk Jacek Ilczuk

Starting Out: Defensive Play, Angus Dunnington - $44.95


How do you react in the line of fire? Are you able to remain calm in a storm? Defending against a threatening attack on your own king is one of the most difficult aspects to master in chess. Yet given the frequency of such offensives, it's certainly worthwhile investing a good amount of time on honing the ability to defend properly.
In this valuable and entertaining book, Angus Dunnington arms the reader with all the necessary skills to be able to cope with vicious assaults on his or her king. Using illustrative games, Dunnington investigates in depth defensive ideas such as blockading, giving up material and the timely launch of counterattacks. Read this book and defend with confidence!
As is commonplace with the renowned Starting Out series, there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings throughout the book to help the improving player. Starting Out: Defensive Play is perfect for those who have previously honed their chess skills with the earlier books Starting Out in Chess and Tips for Young Players.


published September 2005 | isbn 1857443683 | format Paper

Starting Out: The Scotch Game, John Emms - $41.95


The Scotch Game is one of the oldest openings in chess and has a great history, but more recently it was catapulted back into the limelight due to the enterprise of World number one Garry Kasparov, who completely rejuvenated the opening with an abundance of original ideas for White. He utilised the opening in World Championship matches and other elite events, with very successful results. As a direct result of this, the Scotch Game, a dynamic and sharp opening, has once again become popular at all levels of chess.
In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster and openings expert John Emms goes back to basics, studying the essential principles of the Scotch Opening and its numerous variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings to guide the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.


published September 2005 | isbn 185744387X | format Paperback , 224 pages

Author Biography and Booklist John Emms

Russians versus Fischer, Dmitry Plisetsky and Sergey Voronkov - $77.95


This magnificent volume contains the extraordinary story of the prolonged battle between Bobby Fischer, the lone American genius who is perhaps the most famous chess player of all time, and the long-standing and all-dominating Soviet chess machine. For the first time readers will be able to view virtually all the secret documents on ,'the Fischer problem', many of which have never previously been published. These include papers from the archives of the KGB, the Communist Party Central Committee, the USSR Sports Committee and the Chess Federation. Together with this, there are reports and analysis of Fischer's personality and play, written at the demand of the Soviet authorities by the country's leading Grandmasters, legends such as Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosian, Vassily Smyslov, Paul Keres, Victor Korchnoi and Efim Geller.

Also contained in Russians Versus Fischer are annotations and the stories on all of the 158 chess encounters between Fischer and his Soviet adversaries, and a large number of rare photographs and drawings. This book is a significantly enlarged and updated version of the one first published in Russia in 1994.


published September 2005 | isbn 1857443802 | format Hardcover , 462 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Dmitry Plisetsky and Sergey Voronkov

Breaking Through: How the Polgar sisters changed the game of chess, Susan Polgar; Paul Truong - $61.95


In a major event in chess publishing, Susan Polgar provides a candid inside view of the lives of the Polgar sisters, each with their own goals and aspirations. She takes readers through the incredible development of the three sisters as they pursued their dreams: becoming chess prodigies, growing into contenders, winning World titles and Olympiad gold medals, ending the Soviet dominance in womens chess, breaking through the gender and age barriers, and generally revolutionising the game. Readers will also be privy to the thoughts and feelings the sisters experienced during major triumphs and disappointments, as Susan shares their most joyous moments and biggest heartbreaks.Another important issue covered is the strict but ultimately successful training techniques used by the Polgar sisters in their chess evolution. Finally the chess public will have a chance to find out how the sisters really feel about these controversial methods of studying the game.This volume wouldt be complete without a marvellous compilation of the Polgar sister most stunning chess games, providing a move-by-move explanation of their best and most memorable encounters.


published September 2005 | isbn 1857443810 | format Paperback , 320 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Susan Polgar Paul Truong

Starting Out: Slav & Semi-Slav, Glenn Flear - $41.95


The very closely linked Slav and Semi-Slav Defences are two of the most popular and combative openings that Black can play against the Queen's Gambit. They have provided the battleground for thousands of exciting encounters between the world's chess elite, including Garry Kasparov, Vishy Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Alexei Shirov and Alexander Morozevich. Players of all levels are attracted to the Slav and the Semi-Slav because they are solid, dependable defences that do, however, promise abundant possibilities for dynamic counterplay.
In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster and openings expert Glenn Flear goes back to basics, studying the essential principles of the Slav and Semi-Slav Defences and their numerous variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings to guide the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.


published August 2005 | isbn 1857443934 | format Paperback , 160 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Glenn Flear

Winning Chess Openings, Yasser Seirawan


Start every game with confidence!

The two greatest challenges for beginning chess players are not only to survive the openings phase, but also to choose appropriate attack and defense formations in the process. WINNING CHESS OPENINGS shows you how to do both. In Yasser Seirawan's entertaining, easy-to-follow style, you're shown formations that can be used with other White or Black pieces.

WINNING CHESS OPENINGS will help you develop a solid understanding of opening principles that you can apply to every game you play without having to memorise a dizzying array of tedious and lengthy opening lines.


published July 2003 | isbn 1857443497 | format Paperback , 272 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Yasser Seirawan

Art of Attack in Chess, Vladimir Vukovic - $59.45


One of the finest chess books ever written, now in the revised algebraic edition. The author expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king.


published December 1998 | isbn 1857444000 | format Paperback , 352 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Vladimir Vukovic

Play the Kings Indian: A complete Repertoire for Black in this most dynamic of openings, Joe Gallagher - $44.95


The Kings Indian has always been one of the sharpest, most complex and popular openings that Black can play; it still provides the setting for many encounters at the elite level of Grandmaster chess. Straight from the start, Black fights for the initiative and in many variations, while White pursues material gains, it is Black who has the psychological advantage of trying to checkmate the opponent's king.
Despite its many advantages, some prospective Kings Indian players are put off by the seemingly endless amount of theory one is supposed to learn. In Play the Kings Indian, however, Grandmaster and life-long Kings Indian devotee Joe Gallagher has produced a comprehensive and yet workable black repertoire against all of Whites most dangerous possibilities.


published December 2004 | isbn 1857443241 | format Paperback , 144 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Joe Gallagher



HOW TO BEAT 1 d4 (James Rizzitano) - $49.95
160 pages (248 mm by 172 mm). ISBN 1 904600 33 6.

Rizzitano, author of Understanding Your Chess, presents a full repertoire for Black against 1 d4, based on the Queen's Gambit Accepted (QGA). The QGA is an extremely popular opening amongst players of all levels, as it gives Black free development and counterpunching potential, especially if White takes up the challenge and tries to set up a broad pawn centre. The QGA's soundness is shown by the number of top-class grandmasters who have used it in critical games - it was a key factor in Short's victory over Karpov, and has even been used by Garry Kasparov at world-championship level. Rizzitano has chosen to recommend dependable main lines of the QGA, and throughout emphasizes how Black can create winning chances and White's typical ways to go wrong. The repertoire is completed by a set of weapons against White's alternatives to offering the Queen's Gambit, ranging from the stolid Colle to the weird Hodgson Attack and the reckless Blackmar-Diemer.

James Rizzitano is a strong international master who dominated chess in the New England region during a 14-year period from 1976 to 1989 - he won 157 out of 336 events in which he competed. His career highlights include victories over Alburt, Benjamin, Benko, Christiansen, Dlugy, I.Gurevich and Wolff, and exciting draws with de Firmian, Larsen, Speelman, and the legendary former world champion Tal. Rizzitano has recently made a return to competitive chess.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

WIN WITH THE LONDON SYSTEM (Sverre Johnsen & Vlatko Kovacevic) - $46.95
176 pages (248 mm by 172 mm). ISBN 1 904600 35 2.

The London System is a perennial favourite of club players, as it is a very sound and solid system with a real practical sting. The authors of this new book seek to maximize this sting in two principal ways. Firstly, by explaining in detail the typical plans for White, they help readers to make the most of their chances, whether they are based on a kingside attack, queenside penetration, central play, or transition to a favourable endgame. Secondly, they advocate some subtle move-orders that limit Black's options, and give White possibilities to change the nature of the game and go straight for the kill if Black responds casually or inappropriately. These move-orders have been tested successfully by co-author Kovacevic at grandmaster level, and much of the analysis presented here is of totally new variations, and is previously unpublished. Covers all responses to 1 d4 against which White can use the London System.

Sverre Johnsen is a FIDE-rated player from Norway. He is an enthusiastic chess analyst, researcher and writer. Vlatko Kovacevic is a grandmaster from Croatia, and arguably the world's leading authority on the London System. However, he is probably best known for a convincing victory against Bobby Fischer in 1970. He has represented Croatia, and previously Yugoslavia, in many international team events.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

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Chess Tactics for Kids - $32.95

How to Beat your Dad at Chess - $32.90

Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy - $63.95

Understanding the Chess Openings - $52.95


Chess for Tigers - $39.95

By Simon Webb


One of the most influential books on chess ever published now in its third edition. The Tiger is a vicious beast. He doesnt care about the aesthetic side of chess. He doesnt even care about making the best moves. All he cares about is winning.

Do you want to win more games? Then become a Tiger. Chess for Tigers tells you how to make the most of your playing strength, how to play upon your opponents weaknesses, how to steer the game into a position which suits you and not your opponent, how to get results against strong opposition and how to avoid silly mistakes.

This is a cult classic that is as relevant to today's generation of chess players as the first edition was. Regularly voted in the top 10 best chess books of all time, this book should be read by all chess players, especially beginners who want to win at all costs.


About the Author

Mr Webb started to make an impact on the chess world in the 1960s. He learnt the game at the age of seven and ten years later, in 1966, he was under-18 champion in Britain and fourth in the European junior Championship. He married and moved to Sweden in the 1970s and became one of the few correspondence chess Grand Masters. The first editon of Chess for Tigers was first published in 1978.

The sad death of Simon Webb in March 2005 shocked the chess community.

Publisher Batsford
Publication Date 27 August 2005
ISBN 071348988X
Size (h x w) 234x156mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 160

How To Choose a Chess Move  - $39.95

By Andrew Soltis


There are more than 30 moves you can choose from a typical chess position, yet Masters regularly manage to select the best moves  and they do it faster, more confidently and with less calculation than other players.

This is because Masters have shortcuts that enable them to think more efficiently. This instructive and practical guide explains these techniques, including:

Using specific cues to identify good moves
Streamlining analysis of the consequences of moves
Using both objective and highly subjective criteria to find the right move  from any position

About the Author

International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is a professional American journalist and popular chess writer. He is the author of Bobby Fischer Rediscovered (ISBN 0 7134 8846 8) and Rethinking the Chess Pieces (ISBN 0 7134 8904 9), also published by Batsford. He lives in New York.

Publisher Batsford
Publication Date 25 August 2005
ISBN 0713489790
Size (h x w) 234x156mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 240

The Scotch Game Explained - $39.95

By Gary Lane


Best-selling author and chess champion Gary Lane provides a back-to-basics volume on one of the most important chess openings. Ideal for novices looking to improve their game, the book is easy to read and clearly explains how to use the opening to the best advantage. Playing through these games and explanations gives a real insight into the power of the Scotch opening and how to play to win.

The Scotch has long been favoured by World Champions, producing an eventful history and a bright future. A favourite of Garry Kasparov and numerous imitators, it is one of the most popular openings used in chess clubs.

About the Author

Australian Player of the Year 2004 and International Master Gary Lane is one of England's most prolific chess writers. An openings expert, he has been awarded the Chess Journalist of America award for Best Analysis, Opening. He is also a popular coach for English (junior) and Australian teams. He lives in Paignton, Devon.

Publisher Batsford
Publication Date 29 July 2005
ISBN 0713489405
Size (h x w) 234x156mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 160

Chess Stars

Opening for White according to Anand 1. e4

by Alexander Khalifman, 256pp., (2005 Chess Stars) - $45.95
The fifth volume in the Opening for White according to Anand series by Russian GM Alexander Khalifman. This volume focuses on less frequently played openings such as the Alekhine, 1b6, 1Nc6, etc.