Excalibur Touch Chess Computer with batteries $79

Innovation Eliminates the Bother of Buttons!

Weight: 2.50

This stylus-touch chess and checker computer is as portable and as easy-to-use as the most popular PDAs! Just use the pull-out stylus to choose a piece and tap the square you want to move it to! Play against the computer or use it as an on-the-go travel set to compete against a partner or to study games from books and newspapers. Includes carrying pouch, teaching modes and rating functions, along with lots more features of full table-top models! And now we offer a new version, which lets you play both chess & checkers!

  • Tournament strength
  • 73 power levels
  • Rates your play
  • Hint key for coaching
  • Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners
  • 16 of the greatest games ever played!