My System
21st Century Edition

By Aron Nimzowitsch, edited and converted to algebraic notation by Lou Hays

Ask 100 chess masters if they have studied My System and probably 99 will answer, yes. Many will tell you they have reviewed this masterpiece over and over gain. From Grandmaster to beginner, every chess player learns as he reads and re-reads My System. This is the algebraic version of this treasure of positional chess, edited for the modern reader and loaded with 419 diagrams. True chess understanding lies within these pages. This edition makes the all-time classic easier than ever before. With more than 60,000 copies in print, My System 21st Century Edition is among the most popular chess books ever published.


London Times
"This is a revolutionary re-editing of a revolutionary book"  International Grandmaster Raymond Keene.

The Week in Chess
"Lou Hays 1991 edition of My System is the best in English" International Master John Watson

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