DVD Endgame Turbo 2
The DVD Endgame Turbo consists of 5 DVDs with endgame databases (Nalimov Tablebases). With the help of the Endgame Turbo, all fi ve- and some six-piece endgames (including the sophisticated and practice-oriented endgame , , - ) are played with absolute perfection. Likewise, Fritz handles endgames with more than six pieces much better since the program can already access the endgame knowledge during the analysis. Defi nitely a must-have for correspondence players, endgame theoreticians and friends of engine matches.

The DVDs 1-3 contain all five-piece endgames with 3 against 2 pieces, DVD 5 contains some
five-piece endgames with 4 against 1. Six-piece endgames are included on the DVDs 2 to 5.
The package includes an engine upgrade for Fritz8.

DVD 1:
All endgames with 3 and 4 pieces as well as all five-piece endgames with 3 against 2 pieces
(except the ? ve-piece endgames contained on the DVDs 2 and 3).

DVD 2:

DVD 3:

DVD 4: