Squares Strategy, Vol. 3 Middlegame
The Bangiev method of thinking is a strategy based on squares. Before every move, it therefore checks the constellation of pieces against quite specific pre-determined criteria. What it encourages is not your memory but your thinking: learn to understand the logic of the game by means of a few rules! It always the same restricted number of questions which you have to ask yourself and to answer at whatever stage of the game. Once you have understood the principle, you can have the pleasure of discovering that, with a little practice, you are always able to fi nd the best move. You can check your progress with grandmaster games, because grandmasters apply the correct thought processes without even being aware of it! The third CD, which is based on Bangiev‘s new method of training, is dedicated to the middlegame. There is a „Learning“ database in which the new method of training is presented in 20 introductory texts and 131 annotated game fragments. In a second database there are then 69 game fragments by means of which you can put into practice what you have learned.

This is what makes chess training fun:

About the author
International Master AlexanderBangiev has made his name as a chess trainer and the author of various chess books. Various openings disks and CDs by Bangiev have already appeared under the ChessBase label, including „The King‘s Gambit“, the „Gambit
Lexicon“ and „The Philidor Defence“.

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