Andrew Martin The ABC of the Ruy Lopez
The venerable Ruy Lopez is one of the most interesting of chess openings. In this diverse and instructive DVD, International Master Andrew Martin explains how the opening works, with the help of mostly recent, complete master games, although there are some classics too! The most important ideas are highlighted and there are some repertoire suggestions too, all presented in the light, easy, relaxed style for which this author is noted.

  1. Intro 19:12 min.
  2. Sustained Pressure 12:54 min.
  3. Simplicity 08:36 min.
  4. Solidity 9:50 min.
  5. The Lopez Grip 12:58 min.
  6. Black tries to smash the Ruy Lopez 10:40 min.
  7. Intro to Theory and Berlin 11:38 min.
  8. Berlin 1 5:14 min.
  9. Berlin 2 6:15 min.
  10. Schliemann 16:55 min.
  11. Bird 9:19 min.
  12. Cozio 12:19 min.
  13. The Smyslov Variation 14:55 min.
  14. The Classical Variation 10:50 min.
  15. Berlin Classical 6:28 min.
  16. Chase Variation 8:57 min.
  17. Steinitz Deferred 9:28 min.
  18. Main Line 1 9:06 min.
  19. Main Line 2 7:09 min.
  20. Main Line 3 9:49 min.
  21. Outro 0:48 min.

Running time: 3 hours 33 min.

Andrew Martin is 47 years old and lives in Sandhurst, England, with his wife and four children. He has written several best-selling chess books, including the recent ‘King’s Indian Battle Plans’ and ‘Secret Weapons’. He writes for and has several monthly columns at, and for CHESS magazine. He is a noted trainer and coach.

System requirements: PC 233, 64 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse, Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 SE, Windows Media Player 9. Attention: this course is a supplementary program for Fritz8 and can only be run if the chess program Fritz8, Shredder8, Junior8, Hiarcs9 or Tiger15 is installed on the PC. Neither Fritz8, ChessBase 9.0, Shredder8, Junior8, Hiarcs9 or Tiger15 is supplied with this training course.