Pocket Fritz 2
Pocket Fritz 2 is a chess partner with mobility built in. Take it with you wherever you go and leave boredom behind. Pocket Fritz 2 is much stronger than its predecessor and has an estimated blitz performance rating of 2450 Elo points. The younger brother of the world’s strongest chess program has made great strides in the area of design, functionality and user friendliness. New pieces and board colours, formatted, colour-coded notation, all contribute to optimum clarity, even in deeply annotated games. The moves of the computer as well as hints and threats are displayed with coloured arrows.
Pocket Fritz 2 has many diverse playing levels that make it an entertaining opponent, while the database functions and new commentary options fulfil the needs of even strong professional players. The program gives you mobile access to the ChessBase Online database with well over two million games. There you can search for the games of specific players, tournaments or openings. You also have online access to a giant state-of-the-art openings book with over seven million positions and full statistics for each of them. Other new functions: extended, user-friendly move entry and annotation; automatic game replay with adjustable speeds; special energy-saving mode for longer battery life. Have fun, play chess. Anywhere and everywhere with Pocket Fritz!
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pocket Fritz runs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC 2003), Pocket PC 2002, Windows CE 3.0, with the processors MIPS, SHG, ARM or Xscale. Installation requires a PC (notebook or desktop computer). Language of user interface and helpfile: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch

It's back and it's better

By Peter Schreiner

The need for a handy, portable chess playing computer is great. Unlike a notebook or a desktop computer you can use a Pocket PC really anywhere you are. You whip it out of your shirt pocket and just seconds later you are playing a game, analysing or looking for a new opening move.

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen's Pocket Fritz program fits this slot perfectly. Now it is available in a new form, version 2.0, which has a number of substantial improvements.

File handling

A weakness of the first version was that you could not delete or replace games from within the program. Now this is very simple to do. At the same time the dialog screens for loading and saving games has become much more intuitive to handle. You can enter the Elo rating of players and also use that in the search.

The search function has been improved and is now much easier to use. It automatically presents you with an alphabetically sorted list of all the players in the current database, so you simply tap on the one you want, without having to type in a search string as was the case in the previous version.


There are a surprising number of people out there who like to annotate games on their Pocket PCs. For this reason Pocket Fritz 2 has received full commentary functions. Simply hold the stylus for a second or two on a move and the annotation box appears. In the dropdown menus you can select any chess commentary symbol or enter text remarks.

The handling of variations has also been revamped. In the move list you can delete lines, trim or promote them. When you arrive at a branching point in a game the variations are shown with more than a single ply.

The screen of a Pocket PC is relatively small, and displaying extensively annotated games is not easy. Pocket Fritz 2 solves the problem by assigning different colours to variations and commentary.

There are many other ergonomic improvements. For instance if you tap on the game header in the notation of a loaded game the dialog to edit the data appears on the screen.


You can configure the program in many different ways to suit your needs. Here are some examples

Engine options
Online database

If you own a Pocket PC, a mobile phone and Pocket Fritz you have mobile access to a giant online database that is maintained by ChessBase in Hamburg. It contains over two million games.

The perfect pair: Pocket Fritz communicating with a mobile by infrared.

When you search in the online database you have many criteria at your disposal: for instance the white and black players, the event, date, result, Elo ratings, etc. You can also simply search for games in which the current board position occurred.

In the opening Pocket Fritz has online access to a truly gigantic online openings tree. The program will give you full statistics on each move: the success rate, Elo performance, etc. The moves can be sorted according to different criteria, and clicking on one will execute it in the game.

System requirements

Pocket Fritz runs on Pocket PCs with Windows CE 3.0 or Pocket PC 2002, with the processors MIPS, SHG, ARM or Xscale. It is interesting to note that the Xscale processors run at 400 MHz but do not provide a significant advantage over the 206 MHz ARM processors. These are often available at a more reasonable price.

Note that the program comes on a CD and does not include the Pocket PC computer. As with all Pocket PC programs the installation requires a PC (notebook or desktop computer).