Deep Fritz 7
Deep Fritz is the multi-processor version of Fritz7, which leads the world ranking list since four years. Deep Fritz 7 will run in computers with between one and eight processors. On a dual system the increase in speed is around 85% compared to a single processor of equivalent speed. But even if you have a single processor system the playing strength is greater than that of the regular Fritz7. The “Deep” version has been improved and enhanced, it has more positional understanding and additional endgame knowledge. This has been achieved without diminishing the program’s legendary tactical power. Deep Fritz 7 comes with the full Fritz7 interface and gives you full access to the playchess server. Available in the following languages: English and German.

Systems requirements: Pentium PC, 32 MB RAM, Win 98, Win ME, Win Nt 4.0, Win 2000, Win XP.