Budapest Gambit 2nd EDITION
The Budapest Gambit results after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5. It is a popular surprise weapon of many top young grandmasters. If White holds on to the gambit pawn then Black gains a dangerous initiative. But also in the quieter lines there is a lot of scope for the imaginative attacking player. Dmitrij Oleinikov introduces you to the development of the Budapest Gambit and the current state of theory. In many database text articles and model games he explains the fundamental ideas of this opening. There are 60 training quizzes, sorted according to strategy, tactics and traps. They are ideally suited to test your knowledge after you have gone through the course. The CD contains teaching and training databases, but also a full reference database with over 13,000 games from the Budapest Gambit and a full position tree.

All features at a glance:


About the author: Living in Moscow , Dmitrij Oleinikov is a journalist and has worked as a trainer for various Russian teams. He has also written the CD ROMs „Colle System“ and „Bird Opening“ published at ChessBase.

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