Total Chess Training consists of five magnificent educational programs: Chess Tactics Art 3.0, Strategy 2.0 Encyclopedia of Middlegame, Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders, Studies 2.0 with new printing capacities, covering every phase or aspect of chess:

Openings Instead of learning what you must play in the opening, learn what not to play by learning the opening mistakes and traps that've  been discovered over time. Be ready to trap your opponent, and avoid being trapped, with Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders.

Middlegame Become a wizard in the art of combinations with the intensive course on tactics, CT-Art 3.0, and learn the positional methods used by grandmasters in Strategy 2.0. Study typical middlegame structures and their plans, arranged depending on the openings they come from, with Encyclopedia of Middlegame, and you'll pass on from the opening to the middlegame as painlessly as possible.

Endgame Instead of boring lectures, learn endgame technique with the use of breathtaking artistic endgame compositions, chosen for their relevance to real play, with Studies 2.0.

Altogether Total Chess Training includes more than 9000 commented games and positions to be solved for chess players with ELO rating from 1800 to 2400!

All the programs have a similar friendly interface that allows a student to:

Total Chess Training is the product of the best Russian chess instructors' efforts. Take advantage of their training and knowledge now, and raise your playing level to a new standard. Total Chess Training may become the only instructive program youll ever need!

English, French, German, Italian versions are available.

No additional software is required.

System requirements:

Essential: IBM-compatible PC, 32 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 80 Mb of free disk space, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP, CD-ROM drive.