Emanuel Lasker - 2nd World Champion

Emanuel Lasker became the second world champion (1894-1921) in the history. Besides, he was a chess theorist and a literary man (worked as an editor for “Lasker’s Chess Magazine”).

As a student he began taking part in Berlin chess society tournaments, and a bit later in international tournaments as well.

Among Laskers’s most important victories are: Petersburg (1895/96), Nuernberg (1896), London (1899), Paris (1900), Petersburg (1909 and 1914).

What concerns matches for the world championship, Lasker defeated: Steinitz (1896/7; score 12.5:4.5),

Marshall (1907; score 11.5:3.5), Tarrasch (1908; score 10.5:5.5), Janowski (1909; score 8:2, 1910; score 9.5:1.5). In 1910 he played a draw with Schlechter (score 5:5).

Lasker’s way of playing chess perfectly combined logic, highly developed technique (endgame in particular) and a psychologic approach of his own toward an opponent. “Most ideas of chess art are unimaginable without Lasker… He sets an example for chess players both of the present generation and generations to come…” (Alexander Alekhine).

We present the most complete collection of Emanuel Lasker’s games ever compiled. It contains 630 commented games, spanning the entire career of the 2nd World Chess Champion, who held the title for 26 consecutive years from 1896 to 1921. All the games are deeply  annotated by GMs Khalifman and St. Petersburg IMs. Includes also a biography, the tournament and match records, and a number of rare photos.

A special interactive tutorial section, “Play as Lasker”, contains 203 selected quiz positions taken from Lasker’s games, in which you can try to find both strong and beautiful moves played by Lasker in his games. While solving, you are provided with refutations for your wrong moves and hints to help you. Your rating is calculated according to your success and is adjusted after each example.

It comes supplied with Chess Assistant abridged version, and the built-in chess playing program Crafty, so that

No additional software is required

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian versions are available.

System requirements:

Essential: IBM-compatible PC, 32 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 60 Mb of free disk space, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, CD-ROM.