Roman's Lab 1 - Learning Openings the Easy Way, Traps & Novelties - $45.95


In this five lesson DVD, Roman discusses topics such as how to avoid and create opening traps, searching for novelties and the advantages and drawbacks of a sharp repertoire.

Five lessons include

  1. Learning Openings the Easy Way - Guide to worry-free openings, based on understanding rather than a memory contest.
  2. Avoiding & Creating Opening Traps - The secrets to avoiding and creating opening traps without damaging your position.
  3. Dangers & Advantages of Choosing Sharp Openings - Tactics you can't live without in sharp modern openings.
  4. Punishment for Delaying Development in the Opening - Punishment meted out for typical materialist at the expense of development.
  5. Creating Opening Novelties - Important updates on a number of novelties introduced in previous Roman Forum tapes.

Total running time 4h 20m