The Prince of Chess
A fascinating film about the worlds youngest Chess Grandmaster
by Oyvind Asbjorsen

The Prince of Chess

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Publisher: Main Island Production, 2005
Edition: DVD
Playtime: 1 h 35 min.
Language: English



Chess prodigy: 14-year-old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is the world's youngest Chess Grand Master.The Carlsen family sublet their house for a year in order to travel around with Magnus and help him fulfil his potential as a world class chess player. From Iceland to Libya, he has sought battle with chess icons such as Karpov and Shirov.
We follow him through important tournaments as well as daily life, trying to understand the workings of his brilliant mind. The film also looks at the game of chess as a player in both cultural history and intemational politics. 

Special features:

  • 40 minute interview with Garry Kasparov
  • 3 great play through games of Magnus
    Language is English and the DVD is zone free.