Pro-Chess DVD - 3 hours and 46 mins - Seirawan - $59.95

Pro Chess: The Video Chess Mentor Series

At last a complete chess tutorial on high-quality DVD! Pro Chess DVD Video Mentor features an amazing 3 hours and 46 minutes of chess instruction from America's own International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan. Split into four study segments, and containing 44 scene links, this DVD covers everything from how to set the men up to discussions of Space, Force and Time in chess.

Beginning with the board and it's properties Seirawan explains basic tactics, openings, endgames, planning and pawn structures. He outlines the four elements of chess and the seven basic principles around which to base your play. Seirawan offers something for players of all levels, from novice to tournament player.

Chess DVD: Study Segment 1

26 minutes: The Board & it's Properties; Three Types of Positions; The Four Elements of Chess; Seven Basic Principles; Elementary Checkmates; Classical Openings; Three Types of Pins; Double Attack; Battery; Time Count

Chess DVD: Study Segment 2

80 minutes: How To Find A Plan; Weak Pawn Structures; Zwischenzug: An "in-between" Move; Fianchetto the Bishop; Balanced Pawn Structures; Pawn Storms & Chains; Dutch Stonewall & Pillsbury Attack; Dynamic Pawn Structures; Rooks belong on Open Files; Protected & Connected Passed Pawns

Chess DVD: Study Segment 3

53 minutes: Advanced Pawn Structures; Windmill or Seesaw; Screened Backward Pawn; Pawn Triangle; Clearance; Pawn Majority; Hanging Pawns; Quiet Move; Overworked Piece; Master Pawn Structure

Chess DVD: Study Segment 4

61 minutes: The Principles of Attack; When Ahead in Force, Exchange Pieces; Forcing a Pawn Weakness; The Hedgehog Defense; The Principles of Defense; How To Get & Use Space; Attack Pawn Weaknesses; When Behind in Space; Time Advantage; Time Disadvantage.

All chess players rated below master strength will benefit from Yasser's insight and clear, simple-to-follow explanations. Order your copy of the Pro Chess Video Mentor DVD today!