For experienced to tournament players
est. strength: 2360 USCF
  • Excellently designed and most advanced ultra light touch-sensory chess computer with hand carved wooden chess pieces.

  • The SENSOR TECHNOLOGY chessboard makes it a joy to play - make your move by gently pressing the chess pieces on the "from" and "to" field and the computer registers them.

  • Advanced CISC-style processor, whereby CISC means Compact instruction set chip. This is a technique which can considerably increase the speed of micro processors, therefore they are particularly suited for chess programs as they can add ELO points to the strength of a computer.

  • Very strong 32K program working with 2 x 16 MHz system clock speed for faster computer calculation times.

  • Choose between 128 levels including training and tournament levels as well as problem solving levels up to mate-in-8 moves.

  • Special handicap levels and features for beginners.

  • Extensive opening book containing more than 8900 halfmoves and fascinating middle and end game strategies.

  • Your option of opening book playing modes: Complete Book or off Book

  • Programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, knows en-passant moves castlings and pawn promotion.

  • A multitude of special features can be chosen and displayed via the LCD if desired - it can show the computer calculating, time control, move count, intended move and position evaluation, problem solving and main continuation.

  • 8 user-selectable end game playing modes for your choice of different playing style

  • Comprehensive coaching system which includes 8 built-in classical mate studies

  • Check, Stalemate and Mate announcement.

  • Very fast response time.

  • Plays against itself.

  • TAKE BACK function for easy correction of weak or wrong moves (112 halfmoves).

  • Provides HINT, TRAINING, and REFEREE features if you need advice.

  • Position verification and position set-up for problem solving.

  • 100 hours of challenging chess from 6 x 1.5V UM2-type (or "C" size) alkaline batteries or optional mains adaptor, NOVAG Art. No.8210  / #1021 for long term economy use at home (both not included).