(Our new shipment of Novag chess computers arrived in 30th April 2008)

The following  computers are our current range of chess computers as at 1st May 2008.

Novag Obsidian   (32k) table top


Novag Carnelian II 16k table top


Novag Star Beryl (4k)  table top


Novag Amber (32k)            was $269


Novag Star Opal (16k)   Travel


Novag Granite (4k) Travel


Novag Alkaline batteries are available for any of the above computers ($6 set of batteries).  $6.00
DSE Adapters are available for any of the above computers at $25 each.




Excalibur Computers

Excalibur Touch Chess Computer with batteries $79

Innovation Eliminates the Bother of Buttons!

Weight: 2.50

This stylus-touch chess and checker computer is as portable and as easy-to-use as the most popular PDAs! Just use the pull-out stylus to choose a piece and tap the square you want to move it to! Play against the computer or use it as an on-the-go travel set to compete against a partner or to study games from books and newspapers. Includes carrying pouch, teaching modes and rating functions, along with lots more features of full table-top models! And now we offer a new version, which lets you play both chess & checkers!

  • Tournament strength
  • 73 power levels
  • Rates your play
  • Hint key for coaching
  • Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners
  • 16 of the greatest games ever played!

Excalibur Computers

Excalibur Deluxe Talking Touch Chess - computer with batteries $179

World's Best Portable Chess Computer!

The new, easily readable chess figures and a large LCD screen would by themselves make this a major innovation in pocket chess companions, but it offers much more. It works just like expensive, hi-tech PDAs!

Move a piece with just a touch of the stylus. The worlds best traveling chess computer is enclosed in an elegant but heavy-duty case that both protects and accents. Packed with features youd expect from the worlds leader in electronic chess!

  • Most readable chess figures ever on a pocket chess computer!
  • Large, clear LCD makes it easy to play!
  • Estimated 2000 ratingcapable of beating 99% of all chess players.
  • Voice vocabulary in three languagesEnglish, French and German.
  • 136 levels of play adjust from beginner to veteran tournament player!
  • Sound effects and complete chess voice vocabulary.


Excalibur Ivan II the Conqueror, 26k memory, talks.





The following computers are older models at reduced prices.
Novag Novag Solo (2k)   travel


Novag   Prelude $33.00
    COMPUTERS Other Mephisto Chess School A - 16k, with tutorial book, for beginners and advanced reduced to $189.00
    COMPUTERS Other Mephisto Europa A 16k memory, 50 levels reduced to $149.00 $149.00
    COMPUTERS Other Mephisto Mondial II Model from Germany, incudes adapter, 15 levels, was $425 now $215.00 $215.00
    COMPUTERS Other The Master Diamond (not be confused with Novag) Made in Germany - Wooden board size 28cm x 28cm - Wooden German felted pieces - light on every square of board - adaptor included - plus in built wooden control panel. Excellently designed unit. Mediocre program reduced to $179.00