Master Quartz Chess Clock - size 180 x 115 x 550mm - our standard analogue chess clock (black) Price includes instructions and battery.

  • Mechanical clock structure which keeps time with buttons
  • Accurate for Timing
  • Specially designed for timing chess games
  • Daily error of less than one second

    Standard tournament analogue chess clocks either in black or clear.

    (click for larger picture)

    Each measure 15 x 8 x 4cm, solid, well made.

  • These three types of analogue clocks $39.95 each ($31.95 each if +6)

    INSA Plastic Casing Clock from Yugoslavia $69

    INSA Large Wooden Clock from Yugoslavia $99

    Rolland Tournament Standard Chess Clock Mach II (4011) - Green Wood - $105

    Rolland  Tournament Standard Chess Clock Mach II (4012) - Blue Wood - $105

    Rolland Tournament Standard Chess Clock Mach II  (4010) - Dark Wood - $105

    BHB 20 minute Clock - Ideal for speed chess up to 20 minutes for each side on the clock.

    Made in Germany  - $73

    DGT Digiblitz Digital Games Clock - $77

    Digital Game Clocks Excalibur Game Time II - $79.95

    Official clock of the US Chess Federation)

    Makes any game more exciting!

    Now play chess, checkers, backgammon, go, scrabbleany board gamewith the same excitement youd find in tournaments! Two precision digital clocks, each with large 3/4, readable displays, keep split-second track of the time each opponent has used on his or her turn! Contrasting white button stems show you when its your move! Optional tone and red light signal when time has elapsed. Select from preset time controls or create your own. Easy to operate. Its the only game timer officially endorsed by the US Chess Federation and the World Chess Hall of Fame!

    Price includes new alkaline batteries.

    Manual (PDF)

    DGT-XL (Beige or Red)

    New FIDE clock includes batteries  - $125

    ($119 each if +6)