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Khalifman: life and games, Gennady Nesis

This book provides an inside account of Khalifman's life and chess career, describing his emergence from promising junior to FIDE World Champion.

published October 2000 | isbn 185744 2121 | format Paperback , 208 pages

Author Biography and Booklist Gennady Nesis

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Timman's Selected Games: Chess the Adventurous Way

GM Jan Timman (1994). "It is not always the games with the best chess that leave behind the strongest memories. On the contrary, sometimes a break in the logical line of thought in a game results in a maze of chaotic complications and is the ingredient which gives the game its distinctive flavor. Occasionally, a dramatic defeat is more interesting than a straightforward victory. This selection of 80 games gives a picture of the fighting chess I have always championed. Many of these date from the period 1985-1990, when I was the only player from outside the then Soviet Union who consistently challenged the Soviet hegemony in the world championship cycle and the race for the world championship"-author. Deep, deep annotations, 254 pages, paperback, algebraic.

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Sokolov's Best Games

GM Ivan Sokolov (1997). One of the best ways to improve is to study the games of a top Grandmaster, and Ivan Sokolov’s uncompromising style and tactical flair make him a perfect role model. In this book Sokolov demonstrates the deadly effectiveness of his systems against openings such as the Nimzo-Indian, Queen’s Gambit, Slav and King’s Indian. Contains fifty deeply annotated games with introductions, This brilliant and inventive opening play will both instruct and entertain. Included are many spectacular miniatures of under thirty moves. 159 pages, figurine algebraic. Cadogan.

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