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Regulation Chess Equipment



Standard tournament plastic chess set (king 95mm) with extra queens in polybags less 5% for 12 or more.



Strong red zip up vinyl bag for standard set



Standard tournament thick roll up chess boards with letters and numbers 57mm squares plus borders (best size)



Standard tournament solid folding chess boards with letters and numbers 57mm squares plus border (best size)



Smaller solid plastic set (king 64mm) in cloth bag



Smaller thick vinyl chess board (32 x 32cm plus border) with letters and numbers



Chess Clock DGT Easy Digital new version.



Chess Clock (our best selling chess clock for schools) (4 or more $31.95 each) Similar chess clocks were double this price a few years ago. (All schools should have clocks at these greatly reduced prices)



Demonstration Board red/black pieces 64 x 64cm



Large outdoor garden chess set (king 64cm) popular (reduced price from 1st July 2009)



Nylon Mat board for large outdoor garden set, 9 feet x 9 feet (reduced price from 1st July 2009)



Small outdoor garden chess set (king 30cm)



Nylon Mat board for small outdoor garden set (reduced price from 1st July 2009)





Free on request with order copies of Australian Chess Magazine



TASC CD (software training many lessons) ideal for schools



Chess Made Easy - Purdy



Book Chess for Children (Chandler & Milligan) h/c




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Manager is International arbiter Peter Parr (OAM),

6 times captain of the Australian Mens Olympic chess team.

Over 2000 titles of books, numerous sets, software computers etc.The cornucopia of chess the largest range of chess goods in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere established 36 years why not drop in and browse around or visit our web site for all chess products and links.